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The Advantages of a Positive Mental Attitude

Updated on May 25, 2012

The attitude you have is key to whether you win or lose. A positive attitude will help you go far in life, and keep you on the straight and narrow track to success.

Sometimes it does not matter what tools, skills, or knowledge you possess. Getting through the hard times is often more a matter of your attitude than anything else. Inner strength can be fueled by your positive attitude, and can see you through many adversities. You will find that coping with challenges that come up in your life are always easier when you keep a positive mental attitude.

Negativity makes everything you do that much more difficult. When you expect the worst, it often shows up for. You certainly can't expect fantastic results if all you are thinking about is what could go wrong! In order to do well, you must foster positive thoughts that will help you create a positive attitude.

Image Credit: NPS Photo by Jim Pisarowicz
Image Credit: NPS Photo by Jim Pisarowicz

Expected Outcomes

Our positive thoughts have a great impact on our life. They can be thought of as the driving force as we learn to control the outcomes of the events in our lives.

For every positive seed you plant, your thoughts will grow and reward you with a positive harvest. Negative seeds have the opposite effect. They may grow, but the end result will be a fruitless or spoiled crop. You can't plant negative seeds in your mind and expect positive results. It just doesn't work that way.

There is a defining difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. That defining difference comes from how they each think about life in general, and problems specifically. People who are successful visualize their goals. Then they take action steps to achieve those goals.

Unsuccessful people are always thinking about the negatives. They spend their energy and time complaining instead of finding solutions. They have a tendency to put energy into worrying about things that are not important. Think of how much extra energy and time you could devote to achieving your goals if you started thinking positively today.

* Changing your future starts by changing your present thoughts.

Honing Your Positive Thinking Skills

Develop the mental attitude of a winner by honing your positive thinking skills. With your new found attitude, you will never think of giving up no matter how other people may try to dissuade you. You will see a way through any challenge without getting discouraged.

* You will easily see past any negative distractions with a positive outlook. This will allow you to focus on you goal and see it through to its success.

Train Your Brain

Taking care of your body requires exercise. the same is true of your mind. We are familiar with the idea of training our body for a race, but did you know you can train your mind for success by teaching it to keep positive thoughts?

One easy way to start training your mind is to relabel your thoughts. Instead of using the label "obstacles", you could choose to think of them as "opportunities". Positive thinking allows you control over how to see things. A problem can only exist if you let it. You will find that difficulties provide you with a chance to learn something new. When you search for solutions with a positive attitude, you are bound to find them.

* Train your mind to focus on the good. Develop a positive mantra or affirmation to help you overlook the negative and realize the power of optimism.

The Advantage of Positive Thinking is...

When you internalize this mindset, you're sure to develop a winning attitude for a lifetime and reap the rewards of true success and happiness.

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    • Sparkle Chi profile image

      Cate 6 years ago from Chandler, AZ

      Thanks phoenix480210! Learning to be positive can take practice, but it can bring improvements to anyone's life.

    • Sparkle Chi profile image

      Cate 6 years ago from Chandler, AZ

      It was my pleasure ng0208. thanks for taking the time to read it!

    • phoenix482010 profile image

      phoenix482010 6 years ago from Cobourg Ontario Canada

      hi there, you are so right so many people spend there time dwelling on the negative,they can turn their negatives into positives in such a short time, so much energy is wasted by many people for no need, there is help out there, as there was for some of my friends , good article ...

    • ng0208 profile image

      ng0208 7 years ago from Kentucky

      Great Hub : ) Thanks for sharing this today, good information!