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The Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil

Updated on February 1, 2017

See for yourself!

Charlieze Theron swears by argan oil and for good reason! Have you tried every product on the drugstore shelves these days and still suffering from dry patches of skin throughout your body or a dry, flaky scalp? If so then it is time to check out a new discovery that has actually been used for centuries and throughout history in the vicinity of Morocco to address the same health issues as you. The good news is that with the way the product has been so effective, more and more companies have decided to make this oil available to local consumers. This means that you don’t have to travel all the way to Morocco just to enjoy the benefits of being able to use argan oil on your entire body from head to foot. The moment you check out and feel the non-greasy consistency of this oil, you will then understand why and how it has become so popular and why the product seems to be flying off the shelves! Feel for yourself the amazing texture of this oil which is quite unlike all the other types of oil you have used in the past. How about getting yourself a sample sized argan oil product before you get a bigger version? Try it for yourself!

Imagine goats climbing up trees just to get to a super nutritious fruit. Within the fruit is a nut which produces argan oil. Natives of the Moroccan Argan Forest have extracted oil from this nut generation after generation to supplement their diet with. It has also been used as rash relief and healing wounds, nourishing hair and skin. These trees grow slowly and are so respected that the Argan Forest in 1998 was declared by UNESCO to be a Biosphere Reserve.

Not Just in Morocco

Not just used in Morocco, folks from around the globe are already familiar with argan oil benefits such as treating skin rashes, bug bites and skin infections. At the moment it is used by women and men all over the world who have been looking for an all-natural, effective hair and skin moisturizer.

One primary reason for the healing properties of argan oil is that it is rich with vitamin E and vitamin A. On the other hand, it is also anti-oxidant packed as well as having linoleic acid and Omega-6 fatty acids. When applied to skin, research shows that it moisturizes skin and eases inflammation.

Cell production in your skin gets a boost when you apply argan oil externally. This is due to the vitamin E’s trocopherol content, which also promotes healthy hair and skin. This is why cosmetic companies have begun including argan oil in their higher end skin, hair and anti-aging products.

To reap every benefit from this tiny nut, the good news is that you don’t have to pay large sums of money. Instead, you can buy just the oil and make it a regular addition to your self-care routine. It is of course expensive to buy one hundred percent argan oil but just 1 or 2 drops will help nourish skin and hair as the weeks go by. Here are a few benefits you get from using argan oil.

Dry Heels and Feet

Are you suffering from dry, cracked skin on your heels and feet? Rub a couple of drops on your heal and pay particular attention to spots of dryness. Depending on how dry your skin is, apply a few more drops to get the area totally moisturized. Cover your toes with a pair of fluffy socks to let your feet absorb the oil. Leave this on for about twenty minutes and even overnight, preferably. All residual oil should be removed from your feet before you bathe using a warm wash cloth to prevent yourself from slipping on the bathroom floor!


Argan oil can help your nails. The texture is not greasy so it is ideal for nail and cuticle treatment. To clean your nails at home and apply argan oil, first remove all your nail polish and thoroughly rinse. Dot a drop of argan oil on each nail directly once per nail and rub into the cuticle and the nail bed. Leave this as is until every nail has been oiled. Rinse your nails very well and later you can re-apply nail polish. The oil will help you in conditioning your nails and will keep your fingers and toes moisturized which helps in the prevention of hang nails.

Condition Your Lips

There are benefits to argan oil more than just for your hair and skin. It makes a great treatment for your lips and a substitute for Chapstick! Rub a couple of drops on your lips and dab off the excess oil. This will not only cause your cracked lips to heal but also keep lips smooth, soft and conditioned. Keep argan oil around in your purse particularly when the weather gets very cold as this helps in the prevention of overly chapped, dry and flaky lips.

Deep Conditioning Overnight Treatment

If you have brittle, dry locks of hair, it is a good idea to do a deep conditioning treatment overnight using this oil. Using your hands, warm a few drops perhaps four to five in your palms and massage this into your scalp. Continue to apply this all the way to your hair ends and put your hair up into a bun before covering with a shower cap. The heat of your body will naturally cause the oil to be able to be more absorbed into your hair while you keep your pillows free from getting oily. Wash your hair as usual in the morning and rinse until there is no longer any residue left behind.

As a Leave In Conditioner

Not only does argan oil benefit the skin, it also benefits your hair. This oil is non-greasy and is the perfect conditioner to leave in. it makes your locks easier for styling and at the same time gets those pesky split ends repaired. This oil helps in taming fly aways and frizz as well as protects against hair dryer heat, flat irons and curlers. At the same time you will most likely notice healthy shine and body throughout your hair. Argan oil also reportedly promotes growth, so don’t forget your scalp! Depending on your hair length, condition, texture and thickness you might need between two and three drops.

For Exfoliation

Exfoliation that you make yourself is not that hard and much more affordable than the store-bought variety. Plus, you get all the anti-aging effects of the oil when you add in a drop. Would you be interested in creating your own exfoliation solution for your body? If so, all you have to do is to mix two drops of argan oil with a tablespoon of brown sugar. Pay extra attention to dry skin areas and acne prone areas. Pat dry after you rinse this off with warm water. This will help reduce the way fine wrinkles and lines look and regular exfoliation will remove dead cells as well. You get a fresh, young complexion. The nutrients of the argan oil plus the brown sugar will be absorbed much more readily by your skin.

You can actually use this exfoliation for your face as well as your body. It is particularly beneficial for your heels and elbows as well as during a pedicure at home. Say goodbye to dead skin when you add in a massage to your extra dry skin.

Moisturize the Whole Body

The moment you see the way argan oil amazingly benefits your facial area, you can then begin using it as a moisturizer for your whole body. If you currently use coconut oil as an all-body moisturizer, you will also be able to avoid harsh chemicals that non-natural oils bring. All you need to do is add in a couple of drops of the coconut oil to the argan oil. You can also use other types of food grade oil instead of coconut oil for the entire body such as sesame, sweet almond, jojoba or olive. Add an extra drop of argan oil if you have dry patches on elbows, heels and other places.

Argan Oil Against Razor Burns and Bumps

Razor burns and bumps are unsightly and uncomfortable. This oil is a treatment that is super effective against razor burns and bumps. It is great for soothing men’s skin after they shave and also for women’s bikini line and legs after shaving. In your hands, warm a drop or two of oil and massage lightly in the areas affected. The oil has healing power that is truly astounding. Some people even notice a reduced number of hairs that are ingrown compared to the usual number.

Stretch Marks

Skin elasticity is improved when you use argan oil. You can put three drops of argan oil in your palm and warm this. Gently rub on every part with stretch marks. Use less oil if you don’t have that much stretch marks. Skin get moisturized and rejuvenated with the vitamin E and the vitamin A content, which makes it less of a likelihood that stretch marks will form.

Argan Oil Against Acne

For anyone that suffers from acne, we have great news for you. In individuals that have oily skin, argan oil has been found to reduce levels of sebum. There are some women who get acne late in life and argan oil works the same way. It can be expensive to treat acne with expensive cream and in the long run, this can be harmful. The high content of linoleic acid helps bring down inflamed skin that acne causes not to mention bug bites, infections and rashes while helping to heal skin cells that have been damaged. If you happen to be using argan oil as a moisturizer but are battling acne, put one drop in your palm and add this to areas that are problematic.

If you moisturize your skin with argan oil at the moment but still notice so much acne, add in extra drops of oil to the problematic places. If there are persistent, stubborn white heads, add tea tree oil drops. The argan oil benefits are complimented by tea tree oil with its rich anti-oxidant content. Both oils have anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. When you use these oils together, they can help reduce scars, inflammation and at the same time fight acne double time.

For Toning Skin

One important step in the routine of your skin care is toning. For a glow all over, mix eight ounces of your toning solution of choice to two drops of argan oil. As a matter of fact, you can create your own do it yourself toner in the comfort of your own home as well. All you need to do is to steep one cup of boiling water in a green tea bag for ten minutes. Remove the teabag and let the water come to room temperature. Add two drops of essential oil such as tea tree, lemon or orange. Add three drops of argan oil and seal the jar. Use at night or in the morning after you clean your face, as well as before you moisturize.

Moisturizer for Bedtime

There is no oily residue left by argan oil and it gets absorbed by the skin fairly rapidly. After you clean your skin with your regular cleaning solution, warm one drop of argan oil in your palm and apply this to your neck and face in a circular motion.

During the months of winter or in climates that are dry, you might need two rather than just one drop. However, the less you use the better. This oil is safe, gentle and easy to use especially around the eyes.

With a motion of tapping, apply a single drop to your face from your temple to your nose bridge and vice versa. Next, with the same gentle tapping, apply a drop underneath your eyes. The vitamin E and vitamin A is able to reduce finer lines and wrinkles and keeps moisture in this area.


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    • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Scandinavia

      Tanks for stopping by have a wonderful Day.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Sounds like a super-product. Thanks for introducing it; I intend to check it out.

    • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Scandinavia

      I AM so happy to har that .Thanks for stopping by.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      I use products that have this as an ingredient on my hair and love the results.


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