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The Art to Interpret Meaning of Dreams - Spiritual Gift

Updated on May 10, 2011

When the subject of Dreams is mentioned, the first person who comes to any Christian's mind would be Joseph from the Old Testament. God had given him this special gift to reveal dreams and if we listen to what he says, it amazes us: "Do not interpretations belong to God?" Joseph could interpret the meaning hidden in any dream. The second person we rememeber is Daniel who was more wonderful. He could tell you your dream and the meaning of your dream without you telling him a word about it - and you will confirm that it is true. Daniel says, "He (God) gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, And light dwells with Him." That sounds wonderful!

Is the gift limited to Joseph and Daniel only? Daniel gives the key: "God gives wisdom... God gives knowledge... God reveals secret things... God knows..."

Nothing remains hidden from our Lord who is from eternity to eternity and hence, knows not only our past, but also the future.

Where Do Dreams Come From?

The above instances reveal that God sends dreams.  However, there are different kinds of dreams.  As much hard as psychologists try to fix the subject of dreams within their body of knowledge, it escapes into the spiritual realm and they have to escort into the subconscious where they have no clue as everything goes dark.

Psychological Dreams

Dreams can come out of a busy mind. When the mind is not resting while the body sleeps, the mind starts cooking up good stories with the help of the scraps from the memory bank and with the vices of imagination, different flavours of dreams come out. This could be analyzed with the help of psychology and these dreams normally may not have connection with the future, rather are easy to interpret using scientific methods and a little bit of reasoning.  There may be colourful dreams, black-and-white dreams, red dreams, etc. meaning different moods.

Sub-Conscious Dreams

Secondly, in the sub-conscious, there are evil spirits that have access to a human being's mind. People who get into a trance often get connected with the spirit world and these evil spirits and demonic powers act upon the mind to put up a show or bring to memory a scene from somewhere in history (may be from a nearby village, from the past life of a haunting spirit, from the past, from a tragedy, from another country, from the wilderness or graveyard, etc.) and enliven it in the mind of a person through a dream. This is actually a nightmare which gets easily interpreted by a witchdoctor because they have direct and deep relation with the devil who caused it. They can solve mysteries and show themselves as great, solving the problem that they themselves create. But beware, once you yield to the devil to reveal the secrets posed by the devil, the evil spirits frequent your mind as they find you a more easy victim for their abode - and you may get possessed by them. If you have something that belongs to the devil, the devil will have his right over his possession - and become your friend... and master, of course.

Heavenly Dreams and Revelations

And then you have the dream that is sent by the Maker of Heaven and Earth.  He graciously sends an encoded message to your mind revealing His will and plan about several matters. If you are serious about decoding the message, you will seek Him and understand His plans about you and things around you. It could be a message about a natural calamity (say, an earthquake, drought, floods, etc.), some tragedy in your or some dear one's life (say, a health concern), a hidden trap (say, a false friend), a key to a turning point (say, a solution to a problem that you cannot humanly solve), an opportunity, or even an answered prayer. These may be encrypted to various degrees, which cannot be revealed by a human being or the evil forces. They may try to interpret it in different ways using their own methods, but God's foolishness is wiser than all the wisdom in the universe put together. It can be revealed only by God and He does reveal it subtly to His dear servants. A person who walks with God, who can understand the heartbeat of God, who can listen to God's voice, who can pray and communicate with God - any friend of Jesus for that matter, can interpret such dreams - not by his ability, but through God's graciousness. This becomes a basis for the greatest spiritual gift - the gift of prophecy. God bestows this upon a person whom He can trust. This reveals a remarkable difference between a true servant of God and all others.

Symbolisms in Dreams

People tend to interpret dreams from a limited vocabulary of symbols relating things in real life with metaphors seen in the dream. They are perfectly inaccurate because God's vocabulary of symbols is not yet revealed to anyone - not even the devil.  Hence, unless and until the Lord Himself reveals it, any interpretation of a dream from God by any other means or methods is inaccurate.

Become A Friend of God

The good news is that you can become a friend of God though your past life had nothing pleasing to Him.  God Himself has made the Way for us to become His friends, rather His rightful sons. This He did by paying the price for our sins which separate us from Him, by sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross and shed His sinless holy blood in the place where our blood should have been shed to wash our iniquities. He just wants us to acknowledge the pardon earned for us through this sacrifice and be cleansed off all our sins that separate us from God. By this faith, we become God's children, and have access to everything that belongs to God. We can have close communion with our Father who is in Heaven, talk to Him through His Holy Spirit, and we can ask Him the things He has hidden from others to be revealed to us.

Do you want this access to the Heavenly Throne? Just pray this little prayer with all your heart, sincerely and with a humble heart before the God of Heavens:

Dear Heavenly Father, I confess that I am a sinner and by my own abilities, I cannot become clean. I thank You for sending Your Son Jesus Christ, to shed His holy blood and die on the cross, in order to free me from my sins. I acknowledge the forgiveness through Your Son Jesus Christ and submit my life into Your hands. Lord Jesus, I request you to take control of me and my life from this moment. Be my Redeemer, Master and Friend. Grant me Your Holy Spirit to guide me every moment of my life, so that I can have close communion with You. I thank You for answering my prayers, as I pray in the name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!

Friend, draw closer to God and seek His will in anything and everything you do.  You will be able to interpret any dream as God reveals them to you in your spirit through His Holy Spirit. You will be a different person.  God bless!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I do believe in dreams from God, I had one not too long ago, at first I thought it was really weird, then realized it was a message from God. I dreamed that I floated up to the clouds, I could feel the wind going through my hair, then Jesus reached his hand out of the clouds and held my hand, I held on very tight. The next day I ask my Pastor about this dream. He said Jesus was trying to tell me to help others, that time is drawing near and I need to help my brothers and sisters to get close to him. I do believe in dreams. . God sends us His word and dreams to prepare us, to get us ready. Thank you for this Hub,, God's Peace my friend

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you for writing this post. I have had many dreams that were from God that he sent to my family to help us. My sister also had this gift. Reading your post has helped me clarify my understanding of this gift. Now, I understand more clearly. Thank you so much. God seems to send the dreams to help us prepare and understand before hand. Then, when you look back and understand that trusting God and doing his work, even though you are angry, confused or hurting is truly what God wants you to do, so he can hold you and keep you and those you love from harm. Do not forget that though our body may be harmed, our spirits are truly free with God when we leave our bodies. If you give your faith to God, NO ONE can take that from you.

    • profile image

      Olaoye Emmanuel 

      6 years ago

      Am frm Nigeria i gave my life 2 christ in 31st of december 2010, God has blessed me wit lots of dreams in which i do shared them wit my converter, even he had a vision in 2006 bt in dis year i had dat same vision through dream in which tells what will happen in nxt future in our church so he opened up to me dat since he had dat vision he neva tell our pastor nor his wife yet he's very close to the pastor, so my question is dat how can i build up in dat my gift because i belive God has gifted with that. Pls txt me daily wit my line 08165715908.

    • profile image

      Olaoye Emmanuel 

      6 years ago

      Am frm Nigeria i gave my life 2 christ in 31st of december 2010, God has blessed me wit lots of dreams in which i do shared them wit my converter, even he had a vision in 2006 bt in dis year i had dat same vision through dream in which tells what will happen in nxt future in our church so he opened up to me dat since he had dat vision he neva tell our pastor nor his wife yet he's very close to the pastor, so my question is dat how can i build up in dat my gift because i belive God has gifted with that. Pls txt me daily wit my line 08165715908.

    • profile image

      Fred Miller 

      7 years ago

      What is a dream? Is it not a vision? what is a vision, is not an image in ones head? So the question is what is all three? (dream, vision, and image )Is it not the big picture? And if so, can you interpret the big, but yet small picture? Let him who want to see, see. Let him who want to hear, hear. So get in the word and the word is true and you would have heard and seen, what the severant Lord has to say to you.

    • honeybee2u profile image


      7 years ago from PNG

      Matshidiso,thank you for sharing your dreams and this word here. I do dream dreams that sometimes comes from God, and ask God to reveal it to me. But there is a certain dream about my dad that I don't understand. For the last two years, after my dad passed away, I use to dream this dreams about him. My dad was a former health worker, and one year after he gave his life to the Lord, he passed on while in his sleep. Sometimes I dream he's sick, but lately I dreamt he was in his best suit, very beautiful. When I see this, I really miss my dad. Would satan use a tactic to make me feel sad for my dad? Why do I dream about my dad?

    • profile image

      Matshidiso Perkins 

      8 years ago

      Dreams are a means of communication from God to us. God used to communicate with people during the times of Daniel, Joseph the Bible. God still communicates through dreams with us because He is still the same God who had never changed: He is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. We have changed but He has not. Most dreams appear in the early hours of the morning i,e from 3am, and sometimes until whatever morning hours you will still be asleep. Its like the postman delivers the mail every morning. There are also instances where sometimes during the day when you're relaxed and suddenly fall into a deep sleep within a split second! and you have a powerful and quick dream, you wake up and you realise you just received a powerful revelation from God. That's the kinda revelation where you remember each and every detail of the dream, because you were literally not asleep! Powerful! The changes that God has brought about in dreams are the symbols that he uses to communicate a message to us because of the technological changes that we have undergone throughout the years, e.g cellphones, cars etc. if you dream your cellphone is lost or its out of network coverage, He is trying to tell the dreamer that communication between Him and you is cut off i.e you do not pray enough or anymore! A car/truck/train/bus/airplane will mean: church; personal ministry; annointing etc.(the size of these automobile is often in proportion to the size of the work/annointing/gift that God has bestowed upon you. One particular dream that really amazed me on 1st week of February this year, I saw mermaids flying in the sky, then they would turn into big insects, then again into a big snake with its head close to humans in the form of a black cloud. People around me could not see what I saw despite it being so clear and so vicible. The snake then completely changed into a mermaid with a woman's body upwards and a complete fish in the lower body. when I woke up that morning I went outside to go look up in the sky and to my surprise I saw the mermaid flying across and I immediately took pictures of it with my phone. To my amazement, the pictures in my phone appeared as a small white dot at every section of the sky where the camera captured the picture of the mermaid in motion. I still have the pictures as proof to show the non-believers. This experience was the most awesome revelation received from God! Eversince this revelation, whenever I see black weird looking clouds in the sky, and I search them with a spiritual eye, I find that demons are always hovering in the sky above us in different sizes/shapes ( signs of the end-times)? May the good Lord continue to strengthen His relationship with His people through His awesome communication in dreams.

    • bettybarnesb profile image


      8 years ago from Bartlett, TN

      Excellent hub. I dream a lot and some mornings I awake so tired. I think because I eat many nights before I go to bed. I know, bad idea. Your hub gave me something to think about. Thanks

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Sir, I agree what ever you said about dreams.I would like to share some of my experiences with you. Am a house wife who belongs to a Hindu religion, I have experienced few things in past few days.

      I started reading bible since 2 yrs, before I used to read only one paragraph but now from past few dats I am forced to read it continuously and I feel very warm and very nervous from inside while reading the bible as this was happening one day I dreamt a white sheep on one Saturday night then again the same dream on sunday afternon, I visited a church on that Sunday evening and asked for books which can explain me about Jesus.I got a bible from the church librery to read and I am continously reading it still.

      Today in the early morning around 5 am I had a dream, I heard a voice saying I will give u six sons to help you, u start with 2000rs now later they will become 2 lakhs and 2 crore. I didn't get the meaning of this

      kindly please help if possible



    • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

      Jyoti Kothari 

      9 years ago from Jaipur

      Hi Joerose,

      Nicely depicted dreams. India has researched a lot on dreams and its results. It says all about dreams coming from a god or from a psychological reason. It also says that dream can be for health disorder.

      Trishala, mother of Lord Mahavira, last Jain Tirthankara viewed 14 dreams while carrying Lord Mahavira in her womb.

      Wannw view?


      Jyoti Kothari


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