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The Art of Smudging

Updated on September 21, 2017

Simply put, "smudging" is burning sage to clear & rebalance the energy in your home as well as within yourself. There are entire rituals one can do, but for the purpose of this article, I am going to share the easiest, and most simplified way to smudge your home.

First, you must purchase some sage sticks. You can find these at your local new age store or find them on the internet. Personally, I get mine from amazon because you can't beat the price. I like to use white sage. I have an abalone shell to catch the hot ashes and put the sage out once I am finished, but you can use anything non-flammable. Be careful not to burn yourself.

First, smudge yourself before you begin. Light the sage stick and allow the smoke to waft over you. Start from your feet and go up to your head. Just allow the smoke to clear your energy. Then you are ready to begin smudging your home. I like to start in the basement and work my way upstairs. You can start at your front door if you don't have a basement, but really as long as you go to each & every room, you are fine. Light the sage stick while saying a prayer of choice, or by simply repeating the word "love" over and over again. Words do indeed have power, so only use the most positive. You can also use a favorite affirmation if you prefer. In order to make it more meaningful, write your own. Short and sweet as they say because you will be repeating it in every room. You can use something like, "Only positive energy now resides in this home." Anything positive can be used. Prayers, affirmations, the word "love".

Begin in the basement or your room of choice, and go into each corner of the room, allowing the smoke from the sage to clear the energy. I say my affirmations four times. Once in each corner of the room. Work your way upstairs or into each & every room, including the bathrooms, any porches you might have, as well as a garage. If you have a walk in attic and have an issue with ghostly entities, I suggest you smudge the attic as well.

Once you have smudged every room, say a closing prayer or affirmation, and extinguish the fire on the sage stick.

Smudging your home is a must if it has never been smudged. Smudging is a native American tradition that clears away negative energy, ghostly entities, brings healing and well being into the home. I recommend smudging as a way to attract more happiness, and prosperity into your life. I consider it a spiritual practice which cleanses your home and yourself of old, stagnant or negative energy. Smudging can be used to help with the following: Ongoing illness, bad feelings between family members, the need for more money-flow into the household, increasing prosperity, and bringing forth positive energy, and happiness. Easing depression, as well as ridding your home of unwanted entities.


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