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The Battle Begins Day 1

Updated on May 2, 2015


What over doing it looks like
What over doing it looks like

This is not what I ate

However it is what I feel like. I did my normal binging before a diet. Like I have to get every bad thing out of the house before I start. All it really does is make me ill. It drives my sugars up and makes me want to just crawl in bed.

I have not crawled into bed. I have had 50.7 ounces of water. I will drink at least as much before turning it. Doesn't matter to me I will probably be up all night. It's the price of over indulgence.

The Feelings

First, I feel the urge to punish myself. My body because it has in some way betrayed me. It has this awful disease diabetes and it frustrates me. Even when I do things right the outcome is wrong. So, over indulging is a form of punishment.

Second, anger. I feel anger. I have not come this far to let diabetes take over my life. And it feels like it has. So, I'm going to gear up mentally to take it on again. This cannot go on. Life is too short to deal with this. I'm done.

Third, determination. I will conquer diabetes. It will not win. I am the rare one who cannot take insulin so, I have to control it with food and exercise. Those are the only things I have the power to control.

Fourth, I have given it over to God. If I am to succeed, He must be in my corner. I can't do this alone. I have to create a new support system. So, here goes nothing.

Back to what works

Breakfast omelettes
Breakfast omelettes

Cooking the Foods I Know Work

Breakfast omelettes or baby quiche with no crust. Ham, bacon, sausage with broccoli and shredded cheese. Making a variety at a time. Twelve will last six days so making twelve with bacon the first day and ham the second gives me breakfast for twelve days and I can alternate.

I'll make some cauliflower salad, like potato salad without the potatoes. I'll make salads with(Still looking for jars). I have some summer squash so fried in butter will be good. I'm thinking a broccoli salad with some apples cut up in it will be good.

I have beef and pork. I need to buy chicken. I need ham and bacon, too. I will look for other recipes I have and experiment. A tomato aspec salad might be good to have on hand. Olives, celery, tomato soup and lemon jell-o.

It is time to get serious. I have things to do. A list made. Tomorrow will be success.

Care to Join Me?

If you are struggling, please feel free to join me. Use what you can from what I know. Add suggestions as you learn. Be a part of the team, taking on diabetes, obesity, or whatever else you are struggling with. You don't have to do it alone and we can share in the comments. Looking forward to hearing from you. Join the team.


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