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The Battle Begins Day 2

Updated on May 3, 2015

Off on the Right Foot

One quarter mile to the main road.
One quarter mile to the main road.

How it Started

First thing I do in the morning is take my blood pressure and my blood sugar. The blood pressure was a little low on the diastolic side. 110/58 with a pulse of 80. The 58 number should really not be below 60, but since my pulse was good, no need to panic.

My blood sugar was a shock at 461. I know I had abused myself yesterday, but I have never had a morning reading this high. It explains the constant headache I've had all day.

Breakfast became a slice of toast with peanut butter on it and a half cup of tea. Half cup because I could not be bothered to open another bottle of water at the time.

During this time a friend texted to find out if my sugars were better than yesterday. We texted back and forth with my plan for the day and I texted him as each part of the plan unfolded.

Here's the Plan

I showered, dressed, and headed out with my phone, a bottle of water, and my apartment keys. Stopped at the mailbox to see what was left yesterday. Pulled out a letter from my aunt to read as I walked. Proceeded to walk the 1/4 mile to the main road and back, then walked the 1/4 mile around the apartment complex, ending up back at the mailbox to get the rest of what I'd left there the first time. Then walked to my building.

From there I loaded myself into my car, grabbed another bottle of water and drove to WalMart. I park out in the lot, I need to walk. Grab a cart on my way in and start in the produce section. Found a small head of broccoli. It was onto the meat department. I bought two packages of bacon (gotta love coupons) a small precooked ham, a small bottle of ranch dressing. I was done with food. Walke toward the craft department on the other side of the building. Stopped and picked up more movies, then went up and down aisles until I found one with modeling clay. Grabbed that, some googlie eyes, paint and paint brushes. Then to the front of the store and the pharmacy department for some over the counter stuff. Found a check out, where the people were almost done. Machine would not read his debit card. Couple behind me went to another counter. Cashier from another register came and started taking my stuff to her line, the wife and daughter of the man whose debit card could not be read, felt bad and helped me get stuff to the other line. Paid, walked all the way out to my car, unloaded, and put the cart in the rack with other carts.

I get home. Feeling pretty good. Decide I should take my blood sugar and see if it had helped. The low blood pressure I had earlier....I could feel it going up. I'd had one slice of toast with peanut butter, not the whole jar, walked, and had two bottles of water. My sugar was too high to get a reading. Seriously???? I'm doing things right. Next time I'll skip the bread and just eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

I Persevere

I looked up a recipe for pizza using cauliflower for the crust. Since I am one person, I only used half of everything called for. (Except the egg). I also have nothing to put over my bowl when I microwave. (I don't use plastic wrap). It still worked.

When the crust part was done, I added ranch dressing, Hillshire Farms ultra thin turkey breast( 3 would have been 50 calories, I only used one.), tomato, mushrooms, and a mixed cheese. No mozzarella, so I improvise.

Best pizza I think I've ever had.

The Crust

The crust before toppings
The crust before toppings

With Toppings

Yes, it was that good
Yes, it was that good

The Recipe

Mind you I used less as I made it for one.

1/2 head cauliflower, riced

Cook 8 min in microwave, I did uncovered

in a bowl add cauliflower,

1/2 tsp oregano

1/2 tsp garlic powder

I egg

1 cup cheese ( you choose the recipe calls for mozzarella) I used 4 cheese Mexican it's what I had.

Pam spray or butter a cookie sheet. I used butter

put your cauliflower mixture on the cookie sheet and spread it out so it is round. As thick or thin as you'd like. The recipe called for brushing with olive oil. I have no brush so skipped that part.

Bake at 450 for 15 min.

Remove from oven and add, ranch dressing spread evenly with spoon, meat of choice, I used turkey, mushroom slices, I used fresh mushrooms, and tomato slices.

Broil for 3-4 min

Cut and serve. I chose to eat mine with a fork...but I generally choose to eat all pizza that way.



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