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The Battle Begins-Day 3

Updated on May 4, 2015

Don't Quit


Not the Best, Not the Worst

This mornings routine blood pressure (95/51 pulse 80) and blood sugar 368. While the blood pressure is still low on the diastolic side, I'm not worrying. The blood sugar is down from 415 the night before. Not great, but some improvement.

Breakfast was two eggs poached on a slice of toast and I took water with me to my training session. I was in training from 9am-1pm and got in 33.8 ounces of water. Ran my errands on the way home. Lunch was 2.5 oz. of tuna (water packed), two celery sticks chopped (remind me to pick up celery tomorrow), and 2 T of Miracle Whip.

Picked up my mail and read through it changed clothes and headed for WalMart (beginning to think I live there). Parked in the out lot and walked in. Grabbed my shopping cart and scoured office supplies for keeping track of my volunteer information. It's going to take a small carryable (is that a word?) file bin. Walked back out with my purchases and returned cart to cart corral.

What Happens Next?

I spend my day catching up with friends, emails, letters, and contacting others for materials I will find useful in the volunteer position.

Dinner was a disaster. It was a two alarm mess. Using the broiler is going to be out of the question, which makes me crazy. Baking is not going to go well either. Set off the fire alarm in both my bedroom and the kitchen. About drove me nuts. So my steak was not as well done as I'd like it, however it was hot all the way through. The bacon around it was awful and found its way to the trash bin. I ate one banana nut muffin. I continued drinking water at last count I was at 84.5 ounces not counting the two 8 oz cups of tea. (one regular and one green tea),

I have a headache, it's been there all day. Stress, high sugar levels, not a clue. I've not taken anything for it, but I will before going to bed.

Tomorrow is a new day.

More of This

Keep Walking
Keep Walking

Tomorrow's Plan

There always has to be a plan even if only for the next minute, hour, day, week, month, or year. So, I'm going to head off walking tomorrow. Think I'll do my Sunday walk twice giving me 1 1/2 miles. Continue to eat healthy, I have some meal ideas in mind.

I'm also going to do some minor shopping as I want a fairy terrarium. I know where I need to go. I'll be loading my small terrarium in my car and heading to spend some time finding the right plants and decorations.

There will be time for study. I want to be a good volunteer, so I need to know the things I can access to help me. I have a book in need of formatting and edits, I will spend time on it. I will answer all correspondence, then work on my next novel, and finally find time to read and crochet before bed. With a little luck, I could squeeze in an early evening walk.

Hope your day has been a success.


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