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The Best Coffee In The World!

Updated on July 1, 2014

It has been an exceptionally hot and humid season. Even the early morning time of reading and reflection on the verandahave been short lived. The thick air is a distraction that draws ones thoughts away from God and onto the report of the weatherman. I wonder if that is a form of idolatry...

Uncomfortable is what it is.... so much so, everything that must be done is also uncomfortable. Tragically falling into the uncomfortable category is drinking the morning cup of coffee. You know the cup I mean... the first sip of which is followed by the sound of satisfaction...that barely audible, "mmmmm" which escapes your lips as your eyes close and your emotions relax.

The weather here has all but stopped me from savoring that first cup. It is hot! The air is hot, the coffee is hot, the veranda is hot! With all of this in place, it is hard to imagine a greater discomfort? Well, there is one. You ask what it is...I will tell is tasting that morning cup of coffee and finding out that it is just plain "nasty"...a nasty cup of coffee. That is adding insult to hot weather. Unthinkable!!

Not Always Tasty...

There are times when your best coffee is not brewed correctly and it doesn't taste its best. Or, your daily trip to the gas station or coffee shop yields a "yucky" cup. Of course, you don't taste the coffee until you are in the car driving down the highway. It is then that you discover you've wasted your money and you vow that tomorrow you will taste the concoction before you leave the cash-register.

Over the years, I have become an avid coffee drinker. I have gone from coffee in my sugar and creme, to creme in my sugar and coffee. It was only in the last year that I graduated into the adult world of coffee drinkers. I take my coffee black and I prefer that it be Colombian grown. "Buenos dias ustedes".

The other day I went into a local bank and was greeted by a lady who was giving out free samples of coffee. I tried it and I loved it. It was smooth and had no bite. I was sold. I asked her what was so different about his coffee. She was quick to tell me that this coffee had less caffeine than decaffeinated coffee. (I thought de-caffeinated coffee was the same as caffeine free-I guess not). She went on to say that the ingredient in the coffee that made the difference was a mushroom. " A what!!!" Now, in my teenage years people used to get high off of a particular mushroom. So, when she said that I looked at her long and strong.


The News Knows

A Mushroom!!??

After I got over the mushroom idea, she went on to say that this mushroom has been used for thousands of years in the Asian nations for medicinal purposes and to promote good health. Why is it that everything that promotes good health grows in another country? What do we grow here in the USA that is outstanding in the promotion of good health? Maybe honey could be our wonder product...we certainly have our own bees.

Anyway, she told me that she lost 21 pounds in several months just by drinking the coffee. She talked about others who after replacing their old coffee with this new coffee testified of wonderful health experiences. I was not to concerned about the weight thing, but I was interested in the other health benefits. I believe you should be as healthy as possible.


Long and Scientific but Good Research

Ganoderma/Red Reishi

When she finished I went home and what else, googled it. I found the most interesting information about the red reishi or ganoderma mushroom. Page after page and link after link all praising the benefits available in this mushroom.

The mushroom is not only used in coffee, but in tea as well. The local health food store more than likely has it in one form or another. The most convenient and up to this point most flavorful form in my opinion is the coffee form. I love it and have abandoned my old coffee for this new found love.

A Word of Caution.....

 Just make sure you are not allergic to mushrooms......

Australian Study

Thank God for Plants and Vegetables

If you are fortunate enough to run into a coffee lady or man who offers you a cup of coffee with ganoderma or reishi mushroom in it, remember this hub and make sure that you try it....I know you will be glad you did, because it is the best coffee in the world!

It is still hot here, but now I just add a few ice cubes to my coffee and I am good to go.

Are you a real Coffee Drinker?

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