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The Benefits of Exercise - Physically and Mentally

Updated on December 7, 2010

Exercising has many great benefits on the mind and body. Exercising can create a better appearance in an individual. Other benefits, that may be overlooked, are the effects on the mind. While exercise helps create a healthy physical appearance, it can also help you mentally. Exercise helps release endorphin’s in the body which can lead to a better mood. These help an individual become more content with themselves. As a result, a the person will be in a happy mood.

When it comes to physical appearance, exercise can help someone lose weight, gain muscle, or simply become more tone overall. Of course, this depends on an individuals goals. Exercising can meet anyone’s goals, assuming they train for one specifically. For example, a person wants to lose 20 lbs. Performing cardiovascular exercises can help burn fat. Weightlifting can help build muscle, and increase metabolism. Exercising is also very versatile. There are many rep ranges to suit a persons goals. Training with very high reps increases endurance. Training with low reps is more beneficial for overall maximum strength. Medium reps can produce hypertrophy, which essentially increases muscle size.

When exercise is done frequently, it helps create a healthier physical appearance, and mental composure. All the effects from exercise correlate together in both direct, and indirect ways. The physical effects may be more apparent, however, the mental aspect gained from exercise is also beneficial. Exercising has multiple outcomes, but they all come together in beneficial ways to become more healthy.


Benefits Mentally

Along with physical appearance, exercising helps an individual mentally. After exercise, endorphins are released in the body. This in turn, can lead to lower stress levels. Stress has significantly less control over the body when exercise is done frequently. These endorphin’s also help create a better mood. Self esteem can also become higher when exercise is done frequently. This helps a person become more confident about his or her self. As a result, these effects can lead to better relationships among couples.

People who exercise will also be less fatigued. A common misconception is that being active makes a person tired chronically. Inactivity is the cause of being tired more often. Exercise may initially make you feel fatigued, however, the long term benefits will give you more energy in the long run. This leads to a more healthier lifestyle for the individual. This is especially true when a person ages. Exercise helps fight the aging process. As a result, an individual can have more energy when they get older.


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    • Kain 360 profile imageAUTHOR

      Kain 360 

      8 years ago from PA

      1)A rep (repetition) is one full movement of an exercise.

      2) a)High reps are usually 15+

      b)medium reps are 6-12 which is hypertrophy

      c) low reps are 1-5

      I would of went into detail on these, but that was not the full idea of the article.

      Hypertrophy is basically increasing muscle size and tone(mainly size)

      There will be more exercise articles written on here. I write on another account as well

    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 

      8 years ago from england

      Thanks for this.

      So "hypertrophy" is the opposite of atrophy.

      May I ask: 1. What is a rep? 2. What would be a) High, b) med. c) low rep? 3. Over how long and how many times a week would this have to be done? eg. 6month/3xweek?? -to see improvement/s?


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