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The Benefits of Omega 3

Updated on March 12, 2011

Omega-3, also referred to as fish oil, is a widely-used health supplement. It is recommended as a course of treatment for many types of common conditions. Omega-3 is also found naturally in many types of fish, shellfish, walnuts, olive oil, and pumpkin seeds. It is one of the most beneficial nutritional supplements, since it is used for a wide range of conditions. Omega-3 is necessary for proper brain functioning, as well as overall heart health. In addition, it can be used as a supplement to treat inflammation caused by a mediated immune response.

Inflammation is often the result of hyperactive immune functioning. Swelling occurs when an infection or condition is present that prompts white blood cells to attack. Inflammation is common with autoimmune conditions, as well as with arthritis, chronic pain, and pain as the result of accident or injury. Omega-3 is also widely used as an alternative to over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin to treat headaches and common types of pain.

Omega-3 supplements are also widely used in the treatment of depression and anxiety, since the nutritional element has been found to improve brain functioning. There is evidence to suggest that people with other psychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder, ADHD, and certain types of phobias can benefit from a daily supplement of Omage-3 or fish oil as well. Omega-3 is essential for proper immune system functioning. The supplement helps regulate white blood cells and prevent infection caused by bacterial agents.

Many people that are diagnosed with some types of autoimmune conditions are now being prescribed a prescription version of Omega-3 known as Lovaza. Lovaza is a brand name prescription drug that is manufactured by Glaxo Smith Kline. It is considered to be a biopharmaceutical product, since it is an all-natural drug. Lovaza contains purer, more concentrated, levels of Omega-3. The Omega-3 in Lovaza is captured using a patented process by Glaxo Smith Kline. It is also frequently prescribed for patients with high cholesterol and other types of heart conditions.

Lovaza contains roughly 1000mg of Omega-3s, with 465 mg of EPA and 375 mg of DHA. To achieve this same amount from over-the-counter Omega-3 supplements, patients would have to take several more capsules of both fish oil and DHA on a daily basis, making the decision to do so less than cost-effective. Although Lovaza is available only with a prescription, those with health insurance can often get the medication with very little out-of-pocket cost.


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  • swedal profile image

    swedal 7 years ago from Colorado

    That is great TPSicotte, my doctor has me using it daily to help with high cholesterol. Seems to have many health benefits.

  • TPSicotte profile image

    TPSicotte 7 years ago from The Great White North

    I have seen omega three make a big difference for kids with ADHD. Along with the removal of food dyes, processed foods, and over stimulation from video games, omega three can make a big contribution to reducing the behaviors associated with ADHD.