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The Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

Updated on February 19, 2020

Experience the ultimate stress stopper by rewarding yourself with a hot stone massage. A hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth heated volcanic basalt stones, which are then skillfully applied to the body. These stones are rich in minerals, are heated and then incorporated in a massage as its namesake suggests. Many profess this massage treatment will bring back a more vibrant you, while others state that this massage addresses problems of the immune system.

The use of stones to restore your well-being can be traced back in history to the Chinese, Incas and Egyptians. The application of heat to the body and the relaxing effects this has on the muscles and nervous system was recognized by these ancient civilizations. But today, the stone massage is being used as a beneficial therapy. Sufferers with deep muscular aches, rheumatic or arthritic conditions, poor circulation, insomnia or stress claim that their conditions are much less aggravating after having the treatment performed.

Massages are important as it can improve the local blood flow to underlying tissues in the body. Massages also increases relaxation in the nerves and muscles; thus relaxing the entire body. The stones use their head to amplify the blood vessels; making it easier to increase friction and reduce stress in the deep tissues of the body.

Whether one wants to de-stress, detox the toxins or simply melt away in fantasy, this is the perfect therapy. Your appearance and your sense of well-being can be linked to a holistic approach to wellness. The hot stone massage provides the ideal combination of ancient healing philosophies and modern Western techniques.

A stone massage is perfect for that aching body.
A stone massage is perfect for that aching body.

A fully knowledgeable therapist will take in account of any symptoms the patient's may have, past and present health, lifestyle and their current mood to tailor the scents to their own individual circumstances.

During treatment, patients will be placed within a tranquil environment with soft music playing as well as stimulating sounds. The stones are placed on either side of the spine to stimulate energy flow. Blends of warm essential oils are applied to the body followed by a massage with the heated stones in the palms of the therapists hands. These oils are extracted by the means of steam distillation and you will notice the aromas prevail throughout the spa.

A flush of sensational feelings will invoke warmth and comfort. The direct heat boosts the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, allowing the manipulation of a greater intensity than a normal massage.

Cool stones may also be incorporated after the warm one to relieve inflammation and stimulate the removal of waste products thus keeping the body balanced. An additional benefit, the coolness can activate lymphatic drainage and help in cellulite.

It is vital that patients drink plenty of water after the treatment to help flush toxins that have been released by the pressure.

After a hot stone massage, patients almost always vow that they have been taken to a new degree of relaxation. Try to make it last until the next visit.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Matthew Shine


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