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The Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Updated on October 19, 2014

A look at the different types of dumbbells

Welcome to my hub that is going to talk about the best adjustable dumbbells. I’ve done a few hubs before in the fitness area, however I felt that it was now time to actually start talking about what the best adjustable dumbbells are.

First off, a brief rundown of what adjustable dumbbells are. When people think of dumbbells they may initially think of ones that are of a single weight i.e. 5kg, 10kg etc. These are the most common variety of dumbbells seen in gyms for the simple reason that the weight discs can’t be stolen. This handily brings us onto the second variety of dumbbells.

These are ones whereby you can freely change the weight of them buy taking off and adding weight discs to them. They are good, but a big problem with them is that over time the spinlock collars that hold the discs in place start to get worn down, thus making them unsafe to use. This is due to the weights being able to slip off easily. Whilst they may not come off completely, the discs are no longer held in a stationary position and therefore can move around easily. This in turn leads to a lack of balance that can bring about a serious injury to the end user.

This then brings us onto the topic in hand of what adjustable dumbbells are. Much like the ones mentioned above, you are able to change the weight of them. However, where they differ is the ease of use of them. With adjustable dumbbells, you simply put the handle into the holder, turn the dial to the weight of your choice and pull the handle back up again. You’ve just changed the weight within 10 seconds. If you were using the other method of changing your dumbbells weight, you would be looking at upwards of a few minutes.

Another great reason to use adjustable dumbbells is that they hardly take up any space at all. Unlike weight discs which usually require large and bulky racks, the adjustable dumbbells are self-contained, as will become apparent when we look at the three best adjustable dumbbells below. Further, unlike the other dumbbells that require you to swap the weights, these adjustable sets are made of high quality polycarbonate and steel. This is in comparison to weight discs that are made from cast iron that over time will rust. If you go for the cast iron option, you’ll need to make sure that you’re taking adequate care of them and over time you’ll also need to repaint them too. You won’t need to do that with the options discussed below.

When it comes to buying any form of weights, I would always recommend that you buy them online since you’ll get the delivered direct to your door and if you live in a flat, they’ll be brought up the stairs to you. There’s a good chance you wouldn’t be strong enough yet to take them upstairs all in one go! As such, I’ve included links to the best adjustable dumbbells on Amazon. Simply clicking on them below will take you to the relevant Amazon page so you can buy them with ease.

Bowflex Select Tech adjustable dumbbells

Bowflex is a name that is synonymous with high quality and affordability. Due to this they couldn’t not be included in this list of best adjustable dumbbells. Their most widely bought variation is the Bowflex Select Tech 552 adjustable dumbbells. These support a maximum weight up to 52.5 lbs. This might put some people off as they might feel this is too heavy for them. This isn’t the case though since you can gradually make your way up to the top weight by increasing the increments by as little as 2.5 lbs each time. For some, they may feel that they want something even heavier from Bowflex. They’ve got you covered with this and they have made the Select Tech 1090 which goes up to 90lbs with the increments for these being 5lbs per time. They’re extremely well made and consist of highly durable plastic. You can literally change the weight of these within a few seconds and you’ll be using them in no time.

They are also self contained and will look great in your home gym. To purchase either variety, simply click on one of the links below

Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells

Our next entry in the best adjustable dumbbells comes from Powerblock. Powerblock are another brand that are known for high quality products. Unlike a dial system that Bowflex uses, these weights use a pin system whereby you move the pin to the weight you want and then pull up the handle and you’re good to go! These will also go up to 90lbs, however, you can select the increments to be as low as 2.5lbs so you’ve got a lot more flexibility if you’re just starting out, or you’re wanting to do some maintenance work.

The great thing about the Powerblock adjustable dumbbells is that they’ve got that retro futuristic look about them, especially due to the colours that are used on them. They’re extremely durable and would take a lot of drops if it was the case the weight was too heavy for you. I wouldn’t suggest that you treat them badly, but they can take more than their fair share of knocks.

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

Our final choice in the best adjustable dumbbells comes from Bayou Fitness. An older brand, Bayou have been making fitness products for years. They offer two versions, which is really more targeted towards people that are new to working out. These are the variants that come in 25lbs and 50lbs. Despite the lower weight, these are still great products, and are made from high quality steel. The way they lock in again is completely different from the other two. It seems like each company want’s their own proprietary locking mechanism.

For the Bayou’s these involve inserting a key into the mechanism and then undoing the weights. This method is actually the slowest of all three mentioned on here, but this is reflected in the price since it is also the cheapest as well. The Bayou’s would be the best adjustable dumbbells for those that are starting out in health and fitness. Regardless, they’re still a great addition to any home gym! And much like the Powerblock, they’re able to withstand a serious amount of abuse although this shouldn’t be an invitation to treat them badly.


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