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The Best Back Pain Remedy

Updated on May 25, 2011

Looking for the best remedy for back pain?

Stand up more frequently. Do your best to eliminate sitting altogether.

Experts agree that sitting is the primary culprit for back pain. So sit less and stand more. Find ways to get off of that menacing office chair and work standing up. We are not supposed to sit down as often as we do, and our spines pay a premium price.

Even expensive chairs emphasizing low lumbar support is NOT the antidote to back pain. You have to keep your back from succumbing to the C shape caused by sitting down. You also have to keep the static pressure on the sacrum and coccyx from occurring. The effects of sitting combined with the effects of gravity have devastating consequences on the spine, the back muscles, the rib cage, the scapula (shoulder blades) and the neck and trapezius muscles.

Here are some specific back pain relief recommendations:

1.Trying raising your "desk" to allow you to stand and type and surf the web. Suggest chair-less meetings at work.

2. Invest in speech to text software like Dragon Naturally Speaking to cut down on your need to sit and type.

3. Monitor your posture at all time. Hunching forward only makes the pain worse.

4. If you must sit, then force yourself to stand and stretch once every 20 minutes.

5. You should also consider hanging upside down. I prefer a good inversion table for its ease of use.

6. Back pain is a sign of a weak core. That means your abdominal muscles are weak or underdeveloped. Simple crunches will help. Palates and yoga are great for enhancing core muscle stability, tone and strength.

7. You may also be overweight. As fat builds up around the waist and hips, it contributes to back pain. Journal your food intake and exercise habits for a few days to identify areas of opportunity.

8. Over exertion can also lead to back pain. A hot bath complete with 2 cups of Epson Salt is an effective and inexpensive treatment. You should also consider contrast therapy -- treating the area that is in pain with alternating hot and cold. In the beginning though, start with a cold compress to minimize swelling or inflammation.

Collectively, these recommendations will dramatically reduce, or all together eliminate your back pain. It may take a few weeks to living without an office chair, but you'll be better off. With regular stretching, exercise and better nutrition your whole body will feel better and you'll save yourself unnecessary visits to the doctor and avoid surgery or addictive pain medication.

Until next time, feel better, and be good to yourself!

Learn more pain relief ideas by going to


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    • PainReliefGuy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      My pleasure. I hope your back feels better soon. Thanks for voting up my hub. :)

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 

      7 years ago

      HI, Thank you for answering my question, very useful hub. I will try your suggestions to see if it helps me. Voted up your hub.


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