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The Best Calcium Supplement

Updated on September 12, 2012
Calcium supports healthy bones!
Calcium supports healthy bones! | Source
Isotonix Calcium Ingredient label
Isotonix Calcium Ingredient label | Source

Best Calcium Supplement

There are a great deal of calcium supplements on the market today. Some are excellent in quality and others are completely lousy! Don’t worry because I’m going to let you know what the best supplement is without wasting your time. The reason why I am certain this is the best calcium supplement is because it works and works well! Don’t be fooled because there are some characteristics that should be looked at before choosing the right supplement for your diet.

Calcium is a mineral our bodies need consistently and is generally received through foods we eat and of course milk. Unfortunately our foods have become extremely processed and as a result have lost much of the vitamins and minerals we need to thrive. Different forms of calcium not only help our bodies create new bone tissue but are extremely important in certain chemical reactions that occur in our brains and throughout out the nervous system. It helps us maintain acuity and is responsible for preserving our mental health. So, it becomes necessary to choose the right supplement to help propel these reactions and processes and continue living a balanced life.

When choosing the right supplement, make sure you’re not just choosing a certain brand because of the price. Trust me, you’ll thank me later if you just take the time to do a little comparison shopping. First of all, know what ingredients should be in the supplement and which should not be there. Second, figure out how much calcium your body needs and seek that amount. This can usually be calculated by your doctor at an office visit when you go for a physical. If you’re lacking calcium from your diet then ask him/her how much you need to get back on track. Some people, including myself, have too much calcium in their diet and so then it becomes necessary to use some Vitamin D to counteract the excess calcium. Thirdly, take a look at the delivery system used to transport this vitamin in your body. The quickest method is by ingesting a liquid version that is isotonic or has the same pressure as our bodily fluids. Calcium will absorb in larger quantities and in much less time than ingesting a pill or regular powder.

Isotonix Calcium
Isotonix Calcium | Source
One capful of powder
One capful of powder | Source
Directions for use
Directions for use | Source

What to Look for in a Supplement

The first thing to consider is the label, specifically which ingredients and how much. Avoid powdered supplements that contain more than 1-2 grams of sugar. Seek out supplements that contain magnesium because this aids in bone growth and development as well. Recent research indicates our diets are deficient of magnesium which can be obtained through meats, starches and dairy products. Another major ingredient to consider is manganese which is a mineral derived from grains, nuts, leafy vegetables, and teas. This mineral is generally stored in the bones, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. This mineral is a component of the antioxidant enzyme manganese superoxide dismutase. Other ingredients to consider are potassium, vitamin D3, vitamin C, and boron which supports bone metabolism. The pattern is that all of these vitamins and minerals play a role along with calcium in bone development and sustaining healthy processes in the body.

You’ve probably heard family members and friends remind you to have a physical done every year and here I am doing the same thing. The only true way to know if you’re deficient in calcium is for your doctor to run a complete blood workup on you. He/she can then let you know whether or not you need more calcium in your diet or less. If you’re deficient, your doctor will probably write an order for you to have an injection of calcium or prescribe some other type of calcium supplement. Of course how you proceed is between you and your doctor but I highly recommend choosing a supplement based on the criteria I have outlined so far. Ask questions and ask for recommendations.

The last thing you want to take a look at when choosing a calcium supplement is the delivery system. You may not think this is a big deal because our bodies will absorb whatever we put into but you also have to look at how much is absorbed and what quantity we must ingest in order to achieve the optimum results. This isn’t always easy but I will tell you if you choose to take pills, then you are absorbing much less than what is marketed on the label. Some pills on the market are soluble in our bodies and easy to digest however they are expensive or they must be obtained through a healthcare provider. An isotonic liquid form is your best bet because your body will absorb the majority of the contents. Now, one issue some healthcare professionals have raised is we can’t guarantee the same amount of each vitamin and mineral will be ingested per serving size. So one capful of MarketAmerica’s Isotonic Calcium is supposed to contain 375mg of calcium per serving, however can this be verified for every single capful? The answer is probably not but we can make a fair assumption that the majority of the calcium will be ingested and will be absorbed much quicker in the body than any other method of ingestion.

When making a decision on the best calcium supplement for your diet, make sure you choose something that contain the vitamins and minerals mentioned above because they all work synergistically together to give your body the biggest bang for the buck. Also, make sure to avoid pill forms unless you have clear evidence a large percentage of the vitamin will be absorbed by the body. Even if this is true, it will take your body longer to absorb the vitamins and minerals than if you took an isotonic liquid supplement. Your body will absorb a much larger quantity of the product and at a much quicker rate. Calcium is extremely important for our bodies, especially as we age so be smart and use this article as a general guide to start your research on products and good luck!


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