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The Best Multi-vitamin Supplements

Updated on September 24, 2014

Did you know that your body requires 40 vital nutrients to function smoothly? Do you realize that most often your body does not get all the nutrients it requires, even though you may be eating ‘healthy’?

Research reveals that even the most nutritious meal plans lack in complete nutrition. Some of us experience eating disorders – we are either on restricted diets because of health issues or suffer from lack of appetite. Some of us are too tired or busy to eat and conveniently skip a meal or eat unhealthy stuff.

This results in us not getting the nutrients so vital for sustenance. That is where multi-vitamins can come in useful. Multi-vitamins cover the deficiencies and imbalances caused by unhealthy eating habits.

Knowing that we do not receive all 40 nutrients from our meals, will you consider taking a mineral & vitamin supplement?

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Now Foods provides a range of multi-vitamins to cater to different types of requirements. The supplements include –

  • Multi-vitamins for general use - ideal for most people
  • Special compositions suitable for specific needs – such as pre-natal vitamins, separate supplements for men and women

Benefits of Now Foods Multi-Vitamins

Lack of nutrients in your meals can affect you adversely; leading you to get easily exhausted and have very little immunity. Your family will also be afflicted with the same issues, if your food misses some of the nutrients. To ensure good health and high energy levels you can supplement your diet with Now Foods multi-vitamins.

These supplements provide necessary minerals like calcium and potassium and vitamins A, B, D, E and K.

The pre-natal supplement is rich source of calcium and vitamin D and folic acid that pregnant women are routinely prescribed by their doctors. Folic acid (vitamin B) is a necessary dietary supplement that prevents birth defects in the fetus. And the extra calcium and vitamin D is essential for healthy bones of the mother and her baby. Calcium intake during pregnancy can help prevent osteoporosis at a later date.

All Now Foods formulations are prepared following FDA regulations; even if that means having low concentration of certain nutrients in the soft gels. For instance, the amount of potassium in all the supplements is less than 99milligrams as approved by the FDA. Excess intake of potassium can lead to build up of the nutrient in the body, resulting in toxicity.

Exclusivity of Now Foods Multi-Vitamins

The good thing about these supplements is that there are different products for different needs – so, you can be assured you have a supplement that meets your dietary requirement.

  • Special One – This is an all inclusive supplement pill that is packed with all the nutrients you require. You are required to take just this one pill, instead of popping multiple pills.
  • VCaps – If you are a vegetarian then this vitamin pill is for you. It contains no animal product.
  • Daily Vits – A general formula meant for everyone.
  • Adam – Developed especially for men.
  • Eve – This formula is created for pre-menopausal women who have special nutrition needs.
  • Eco-Green – This is an iron rich product, fortified with extracts from green foods.
  • Kid Vits – The perfect solution for growing kids who do not get proper nutrition because of poor eating habits.
  • Pre-natal – The multi-vitamin and DHA pill for pregnant women, and those trying to conceive.
  • Special Two – A supplement that contains all 40 nutrients – perfect for women and men.
  • Liquid Multi-gels – Easy to swallow and digest, liquid-filled vitamin capsules.
  • Vit Min 74+ - A supplement that provides all nutrients, except iron. Ideal for men and women in their 50s and above.

According to the US centers for Disease Control a significant 40% people living in America take dietary supplements to increase immunity, enhance health and prevent illness. The multi-vitamins range offered by Now Foods provides essential nutrients needed by your body. Fiber is the only component that is not present in these pills, and needs to come from grains, lentils, vegetables, fruits etcetera.

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