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The Best Positions to Get Pregnant

Updated on August 24, 2012

Having problem Conceiving?

If you are having problems conceiving, you may be looking for any possible thing that may be hampering you on your quest, or you may be thinking that there is something new and different you could try to get the results you seek. There are many things you can do to up your chances of getting that baby that you crave, but no one thing can do it for you. There are great things you should do for your body and other small things that you have to think about if you are having trouble conceiving. Finding the best positions to get pregnant are not going to magically get you pregnant, but in some small way they can help.

Best Positions That help To Get pregnant

If you ask the next pregnant teenager you see how they got pregnant, you may very well get arrested. However, if you could ask a few of them and they were willing to talk to you about the best positions to get pregnant, they would probably each give you a different answer. There really is no one magic way, and many of them end up pregnant unwillingly. This means they were in all types of different scenarios, none of which may be conducive to getting easily pregnant. Their youth suggests they are more fertile than an older woman, but pregnancy is not just about the position.

As you can imagine, the best positions to get pregnant have something to do with gravity. While sperm inside the body will go where they are supposed to go once they get to the cervix, gravity can have some effect on those sperm getting past this barrier. Laying on the back in the missionary position can be beneficial if you stay put once you are done. If you stand up, the sperm are going to be pulled down by gravity. However, this is not a huge factor. Sperm goes where it needs to go. If you worry this is a problem or you are dealing with low sperm count or motility, use this position and stay put for fifteen to twenty minutes after intercourse.

Some believe that putting pillows and/or blankets under the pelvis during or just after intercourse offers some of the best positions to get pregnant. This means the gravity pulls the sperm directly towards the cervix. Along the same lines as above, using this can help, but will not solve all of your problems. If you have the right cervical fluid at the right time of the month, this position can help when you have been having problems in the past. You can always find a doctor to help you understand how to check for that and when you expect that to occur.

The best positions to get pregnant are often not all a woman needs when she wants to have a baby but finds she is not getting pregnant as easily as she had hoped. A check up with an OB-GYN is a great idea, as is a better diet. Eating the wrong foods can sometimes be another small problem. Be healthy, take your vitamins, and quit drinking or smoking, if those are issues for you. Learn more about your body and when the best times during a cycle are for conception can help. Some women need extra help, and you may be one of them.

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