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The Best Psoriasis Treatment That Worked For Me

Updated on March 4, 2013

A Little Info

I used to suffer from Psoriasis for years and years and thought that there was no real help or hope for me in regards to treating it. I used to get bad breakouts in certain areas of my face as well as my leg. However, I finally found something that worked very well for my Psoriasis and it was something very simple and I couldn't believe I never actually put two and two together and used a certain product and technique a long time ago. Read on to find out all the things I tried to treat my Psoriasis with and what I eventually used that worked the best.

Steroid Creams

I have used many different types of steroid creams (prescribed to me) off and on for a good year, but I was not a fan of them. Steroid creams are not exactly good to use on an ongoing, long-term basis, and I did not see good results using them. Of course I saw some results, but not the kind of results I was hoping for. My Psoriasis still came back and when it did clear up it did not clear up for long periods of times.

Changed My Eating Habits

I researched different foods that I could eat that may have been able to help me clear up my Psoriasis and I decided to start change my eating habits. I started to eat healthier foods and stayed away from stuff like caffeine, sugars and fatty foods. I drastically changed my eating habits, and I did see some results within a week of changing my eating habits. However, those results only lasted for no more than a week. I was highly disappointed.


I even decided to start taking a good multivitamin, hoping that maybe it would help clear up my Psoriasis, but they did very little for my condition. I took the vitamins for about a month and I hardly noticed any improvement.

Lotions And Moisturizers

I have also used many different types of lotions and moisturizers but had very little success. I used them on a daily basis, only once per day. All of the lotions I tried just did not work well for me.

What Worked: The Lotion

I eventually did a little more research and spoke to a few professionals, who recommended that I should use water-based moisturizers and use it like it is going out of fashion. So I picked up a lotion, by Eucerin and I started to use a lot of it. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. For the first week I used the lotion more than 10 times per day. After about four days I noticed that the redness from the Psoriasis went down a lot and within two weeks the Psoriasis on my face and leg was all cleared up. I finally had clear skin with no traces of Psoriasis.

I still use Eucerin but not as much as I used to because there is no need for me to do so. I use the lotion for my Psoriasis twice per day. Once in the morning and then once in the evening and this is enough for me. I am not sure why I never just used loads of lotion in the first place but if I had done so sooner, then I would have probably cleared my Psoriasis up years and years ago. Today the only thing that I use to help treat my Psoriasis is Eucerin lotion. I am sure other lotions work if you use them often, but I have stuck with Eucerin because I have seen great results.

What I recommend

This is just my personal opinion and personal recommendation, and I am not a medical professional or hold any medical degrees. I am just someone who has suffered from Psoriasis for more than 6 years and found something that worked and continues to work for me. With that said, I recommend getting a water-based lotion/moisturizer and use it like it is going out of fashion for the first two weeks, maybe three weeks, every single day. If you use a lot of lotion, then you may start to see some results.

Good luck and if you have Psoriasis, then don't give up hope on finding a treatment method that actually works. Remember that just because I saw results with a certain method or product, does not mean you will see the same too.


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