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The Best Upper Body Exercise

Updated on March 17, 2010

Dips For The Upper Body

The Two Best Exercises

If there were only two exercises I could do, I know exactly what I would choose. With these two exercises, I could hit all the major muscle groups, as well as incorporate smaller muscle groups. The space needed to do these two exercises would be minimal. Ok, so what would those exercises be? Dips for upper body, squats for lower body.

For the lower body, squats are the best to do for both building muscle & burning fat. Why is that? Research has shown that any activity in which the legs are incorporated speeds up the body's metabolic rate, igniting fat burning & muscle building potential. Squats work the quads, hamstrings, calf muscles, the glutes & hip flexors. You don't need massive amounts of weights to do squats either. A dumbbell in each hand, doing slow repetitions, will work your lower body very well.

The Ultimate Upper Body Exercise

For the upper body, researchers agree that dips are the best for the upper body. Dips do for the upper body what squats do for the lower body. Dips work arms, chest, back & shoulders. They incorporate several muscle groups & are an all around fantastic exercise. By doing dips for an upper body workout, along with squats for the lower body, you'll cover all major muscle groups, as well as incorporate the smaller, stabilizing muscles, such as the rotator cuff (when doing dips) & hip flexors (doing squats).

The Ultimate Body Press allows you to do dips. Dips work your chest, biceps, triceps, back & shoulders, as well as the smaller muscles, like the rotator cuff muscles. The Ultimate Body Press doesn't take up much room, is easy to assemble & stores away with no problem. If you don't have the room for a lot of weights, or would rather not need to have dumbbells or barbells lying around, then this piece of equipment is right for you. Follow the link below to get more information on this product.

Demonstration Video


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    • Twurl70 profile image

      Twurl70 8 years ago from ma

      Thanks for the comment GmaGoldie! I understand your point very well, & appreciate your suggestion. Thank you for reading.

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Sadly most of us cannot handle our own body weight for the chair dips. I agree the upper body is a critical target and commend you for motivating us. Starting with wall push-ups is always helpful. The squats are critical because they hit the the largest and the longest muscles in our body. I completely agree with you!