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How much is too much? - DANGER Of BEING OVER MEDICATED

Updated on March 5, 2013

Video Of Experiences

You Can Never Be Too Careful About Prescription Drugs

I am not a health professional or running no campaign against any kind of particular pharmaceutical drug. I very passionate about health and taking care of the body God has given us. I do see a great need for people to educate themselves about their condition before committing to a medication or a variety of medications. I have had my own experiences with misdiagnosis and I have been prescribed drugs that had extreme side affects, only to find out they were guessing.

There is some wonderful doctors out there, I highly respect them, but there is sadly many that just run their patients through like cattle.

You know you! Before you turn your body over to your doctor, do your own research. Lots of doctors hate you telling them what is wrong with you, but a few Internet printouts won't hurt them. By experience I have nearly died while they were guessing what was wrong. Guess what? After all I went through I ended up having the serious illness that I and my sister researched by symptom in the first place. What they did to keep me under control in the meantime was drug me up so much I couldn't complain.

I have had two grandparents die in their sixties, because they were given too many mixed prescriptions and all the side affects collided. My grandma was taking 30 or 40 pills (prescribed) she got to where she just talked out of her head, then they gave her more for that and she died. Her husband ( my grandfather) had a wound on his leg and was in the hospital because it was infected, they gave him an overdose and he went brain dead and died.

I am not trying scare tactics, sometimes we really do need medicine and it is saving lives everyday, but you know you better than they know you. You must use discernment and educate yourself before you put just anything they prescribe into your body.

Hear It From A Doctor!

Treated To Much

The Benefits Of Probiotics

Are the sweet bubblegum antibiotics the answer for everything?

How many times have you walked away from the office with an antibiotic prescription?My answer to this question is nearly every-time. No-matter what mine or my family's illness is we are usually prescribed an antibiotic.

Sometimes an antibiotic is absolutely necessary, but most of the time they are NOT.

DANGER! Too many antibiotics destroy your bodies natural immunity, which enables you to contract any germ or virus going around. Ultimately too many antibiotics can cause much more serious diseases. Two real medical doctors were discussing this problem and told the story of a young 17 year old boy that died after he had been given a series of antibiotics, he developed an illness that he could build no natural resistance too.

I learned my lesson with my bout with strep throat. I was given several antibiotics when it kept recurring and I never did anything to rebuild my good bacteria. After 9 antibiotics ( one of them was acid-based, my body was nearly buried six-feet under) I not only kept catching it, but it went to my blood and I nearly died. YOU MUST REPLACE ANTIBIOTICS WITH GOOD BACTERIA! There is some parents that have their children in the doctors office every other week taking up to three or four antibiotics a month. The true medical doctors will tell you that a little sickness don't hurt anyone. Many times over the counter and natural remedies will help the problem run it's course.

Fever: When we panic over every fever we fight off the bodies natural way of burning out the sickness. Most of the time a little Tylenol and Motrin will do the trick without a 10 day antibiotic. Too many antibiotics in children make them more apt to develop leukemia and other serious childhood diseases or disorders. Acidophiles and yogurt is a beneficial way to replace good bacteria when you have to use antibiotics. Garlic, oregon grape, chlorophyll,colloidal silver and many other infection fighting remedies are available at health food stores and they are actually good for you too. Most of the time you get a free evaluation and recommendations at health food stores for your current illness. That saves money and you feel better too. I am not taking away from the times medical attention is completely necessary for recovery. Most of the time whether on antibiotics or not your sickness will still run it's full course.

Don't Eat Candy From Strangers!

We all tell our children, " Don't eat candy from strangers!" We must apply this proverb to our encounters with the pharmaceutical industry. Launch a mission to educate you and your family about the dangers effects of too much treatment as well as misdiagnosis. Millions every year ( more than any other casualty) die from side affects or are permanently physically impaired being over medicated. Dr. You can be your most safe, healthy alternative to lead you on the road to a longer life and good health.


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    • profile image

      ---------- 8 years ago

      About antibiotics, it is true that they weaken/soften your immune system, but that is why doctors will seldomly prescribe them, and tell you only to use them with prescription.

    • ohohdon profile image

      ohohdon 9 years ago from Yakima

      Good advice. I have always avoided any medication for minor issues.

      We have a friend who is an RN with easy access to all kinds of prescription medication that she gave to her children for every hint of sickness. Her children are sick all the time. Their bodies can't fight off anything.

      The best thing you can do for health is to eat right, excercise, get the right amount of sleep, and practice good hygiene (wash your hands alot).

    • profile image

      Roy 9 years ago

      Absolutely right. Most Western drugs are unnecessary with far more effective natural alternatives. Since I was nearly killed by prescription drugs for arthritis 25 years ago I have avoided them like the plague. Dangers are far greater now, especially in the US with the introduction of compulsory injections and the treatment of children with ADHD drugs that were banned 70 years ago because they were so addictive.

      With the US and Europe trying to ban all alternatives to Western medicine, it will only get worse in the short term. In the meantime, I will be going to live somewhere where there is easy access to rainforest herbs, Chinese and Indian medicine, and homeopathy.


    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      I too have been a scape goat for testing pills. The salesmen or ladies come on a regular basis to give the "newest" drug samples for the doctor's to give away and try them out. Granted it is cheaper then a whole presciption to see if it helps. but time after time I just had to say NO MORE. they found something that worked .

      It is especially sad for my 88 year old mom and I am very tough when it comes to her good hub my dear G-Ma :o)

    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 9 years ago from London UK

      Vvery good advice..I have been outraged at the many times doctors will try t you a prescription no matter what you go their for!! and they never offer any natural remedies as you mention...