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The Biggest Rewards Hide Behind the Greatest Obstacles

Updated on May 13, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed, I write.

Throughout life, as you plan the future, you will be faced with many obstacles. But you must remember that all good things are difficult to achieve, and happiness does not come from doing easy work. Also, bear in mind, a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step and your attitude is going to determine how you're going to live your life.

Moreover, obstacles come from one thing, and that’s from not seeing the problems in front of you. Furthermore, barriers are pain that can be so unbearable that they can immobilize you. Nevertheless, no matter what life throws your way there are always actions you can take to help you to move forward in the right direction. I believe that some people respond to obstacles in one way and that is by trying to run away from them.

I have lived through different excruciating times in my life, which lead me to the conclusion to conquer obstacles you need to "face them head on.” Although as you strive to challenge your barriers, it won't be easy. You will encounter many delays, problems and find yourself continually having to jump over hurdles.

Every dream will be challenged; I heard some powerful words from a person I have a great amount of respect for a couple of years ago. These words are so compelling that they have managed to stick with me until this very day. She said, " Dreams don't always come true and rarely does your goal happen efficiently."

Plus, she said, "The bigger your dreams and the closer you are to reaching your goals, the tougher your challenge." Also, she said, "The more ambitious your goals, the more likely it is that you will be faced with many obstacles on your journey."

Let's say you’re driving along an unpaved path which consists of many potholes and some are filled with unwanted muddy water. It’s very hard on the nattiness of the car, and it's an uncomfortable ride with a lot of jolting and bumping on your bottom. But unfortunately, this is the only way you can get to your destination to unwind and relax.

Well, you do have one other option before you reach your destination you could change your mind, turn the car around, and go back home. Or continue driving on through a rough, bumpy road and maintain at the discomfort and keep going to count your blessings, be happy about having a vehicle. Even if the travel is a bad one that leads to a very bumpy road, think positive.

We don’t always have to see obstacles – we can look for solutions. Too often, we tend to place our focus in the wrong direction with an emphasis on the problems and difficulties along our path. Instead of stopping to look for solutions. From my experience, I learn our mind tends to find whatever we are looking for.

If we choose to focus on solutions instead of indulging into our troubles, we will find one. Also, when in need ask for help and support because we cannot live in isolation – regardless how some of us have spent so much time living the life we know. Furthermore, we need to stop seeking out excuses to neglect our responsibilities or to justify our decision not to move forward because we’ll find them – in the form of setbacks, captivity, and limitations.

Ultimately, when unexpected obstacles suddenly hit you, you might want to turn your back on them, but that's when they sneak up on you. Instead of turning and running away, you must learn to step back from your emotions and look at the situation from an external perspective — it is easy to become overwhelmed by your circumstances.

Finally, it's okay to react emotionally to the situation which will lead you to believe that you do not have control over your life, but you have more control than you think. You must not allow your obstacles to destroy you or take over your life, but know all your troubles, struggles, pains, and suffering is the biggest reward that is hidden behind the greatest obstacles.

The Biggest Rewards hide behind the Greatest Obstacles

What Do you Think? Have you suffered from Obstacles? What was your approach?

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Obstacles Quotes

Celine Dion - The Greatest Reward (Extended version)

Breaking Down the Types of Obstacles You May Face

Personal Obstacles to overcome
Social Obstacles
Kinds Of Adversity
Fear of failure is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome and whatever fear is keeping you from reaching your goals becomes a barrier that prevents you from being the best person you can be.
Social Obstacles: you can become overwhelm if you try to control everyone’s behavior, decision and action. Instead try to subtly influence people by attempting to understand their needs, motives and desires.
Physical Adversity
Time can be an obstacle because everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and the same number of days in a year. How time is used can be a barrier for one person and an asset to another.
Poverty, Racism, and Gender Inequality: there is considerable evidence that social inequalities defined by income, race, ethnicity, and gender are key elements in the social contexts and environments that contribute to HIV infection risk.
Mental Adversity
Energy: the personal barrier of a lack of energy is a strange problem, especially when it comes to exercise, weight loss and health problems.
How we interact with people is paramount to our success. Life is terribly lonely without friends by your side1. You can’t get a promotion at work if your boss doesn’t enjoy being around you. That means that anyone who doesn’t have individual social skills is at a significant disadvantage.
Emotional Adversity
Financial Adversity

The Biggest Rewards hide behind the Greatest Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles for Goal Achievement — IQ Matrix Preview

Hello all, here's One Of My Books.

Scattered Dreams, Wasted Time; Determine to Find a Purpose & Create a Future Before It is Too Late
Scattered Dreams, Wasted Time; Determine to Find a Purpose & Create a Future Before It is Too Late

This book tells you the story of the power one little girl held to be a road model to many. She faced many trials and tribulations because she placed other over herself, but she was determined to be a savior not only to other but save herself from spiraling down the abyss. She did just that by taking the right path towards finding and fulfilling her purpose in life.


© 2017 Pam Morris


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    • Pam Morris profile imageAUTHOR

      Pam Morris 

      16 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you, Rob, for stopping by to share you received the messaeg in my article. I learn from going through many obstacles blessing are hidden behind the hardest one, and as always, it's a pleasure to hear from you and thank you for your support.

    • Robsthe1 profile image

      Robert Walker 

      16 months ago from Atlanta, GA.

      I Receive the message here for sure Pam. Thank you!!


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