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The Blood Type Diet is Based on Your Type of Blood

Updated on June 13, 2014

Eat According to Your Blood Type

Health-wise, do you feel like you are doing everything correctly? You may be taking the stairs, regularly exercising and eating quinoa and salmon. On the other hand, if you are still plagued by lethargy every midday, just can’t lose weight or have digestion issues, you might want to consider one unorthodox method of weight loss. According to Eat Right 4 Your Type author Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, your blood type reveals a few things about what your body needs and your personality. Here are workouts and foods that will supposedly help you reach the fitness goals of your blood type.

Will eating food based on your type of blood help you trim down and become more healthy? Whether your blood type is AB, B, A or O, this will help you trim down. Anyway, that is the idea behind the blood type diet created by Peter J. D’Adamo, who is a naturopath.

It is claimed by D’Adamo that the food you consume chemically reacts with your type of blood. When you follow diets designed for your type of blood, your body will get food digested more efficiently. Reportedly, this will help prevent disease, give you more energy and help you lose weight.

What is Your Blood Type?

When you don’t know what your blood type is as at the moment, you will need to find this out. What you need to do will be determined by the results. Depending on what type of blood you have, you may need to restrict your consumption of food severely. Also, your type of blood determines you food choices when you eat out and when you do the grocery/your shopping list. The good news is that unlike other types of diets there are no required packaged meals or food involved. This type of diet also recommends exercising based on the type of blood you have. For example, type A blood types are recommended to do tai chi or yoga. For type O’s, vigorous aerobics are recommended such as biking or jogging.

Since this diet tends to dictate that what you eat are types of food that are very specific based on your type of blood, it does not leave much room for personal preferences. For instance, if you love potatoes and meat, you won’t really love the type A food selection, which mostly consists of vegetables.

Not Free of Gluten

If you happen to be looking for a gluten-free diet, you must realize that this diet does not really put a ban on glutens. However, if you carefully read the labels of food, you may be able to make gluten-free food choices.

Evolution of Blood Types

The first blood type to be identified among human beings was the O blood type. It is believed by Dr. D’Adamo that those with O blood types should eat what they have been eating since the evolution of mankind. Next emerged the blood type A , around 15,000BC. By this time, the days of hunting and gathering had long been gone and people began staying in communities that were like farming. Around this time, the creation of blood type A meant that ancestors did well on a diet based on vegetables. Next came blood type B at around 10,000BC and people started moving around from one place to the next, becoming more nomadic than farmers. Last to evolve was the AB blood type, which Dr. D’Adamo believes is the most modern blood type.

What Do You Eat?

What you can eat will totally depend on the type of blood you happen to have. Here is the recommended food group for your particular blood type:

AB Type Blood

Focus on food that includes green vegetables, dairy, seafood and tofu. People with AB type of blood tend to have lower acid in the stomach. Avoid cured or smoked meat, alcohol and caffeine.

AB blood type happens to be the rarest and the newest kind of blood type, found in less than five per cent of the population. Since people with these blood types share traits with both B’s and A’s, they are able to digest a broader range of food. On one hand, they are adapted to meat the way blood type B’s are, and yet at the same time, they don’t have as much stomach acid the way type A’s do. This means that often, meat gets stored as fat. The staples of an AB blood type should be turkey, seafood and veggies.

As for your personality, you have traits of both A’s and B’s, making it hard to really figure you out. In your convictions, you are passionate but you do want others to like you and this can cause conflict. You don’t mind helping out and doing other people favors as long as it is under your own conditions. You have interests in metaphysics and art.

During mealtime, you want to try a diet rich in carbohydrates. Snack on fresh fruit like figs, watermelon, grapes and cherries. You have an alkaline stomach if you are type AB and you might have a hard time in food digestion of stud like oranges. Specific types of seafood like tuna, sardines, salmon, red snapper or mahi mahi are optimal. It is a good idea to avoid buckwheat and corn, even if you moderately enjoy carbs which are difficult for AB’s to digest. Avoid all cured and smoked meat as well as shellfish, pork, beef, veal or chicken. Avoid alcohol and caffeine when you are stressed.

When it comes to working out, remember that you come from both spectrums (blood type A and blood type B) and for this reason, your regimen for working out needs to be truly balanced. This means a combination of activities that can calm you like tai chi or yoga as well as exercise that is physically more intense, like biking or running. Carving out time alone and visualization is also important. If you happen to be sitting down a lot, such as during a regular work day, you might want to break this up to include a little bit of exercise as for the long haul, this will keep you energized.

B Type Blood

Avoid sesame seeds, peanuts, tomatoes, lentils, buckwheat, wheat and corn. You might also have a problem with chicken if you have type B blood. It is encouraged that you eat low fat dairy, certain meat types, eggs and green vegetables.

When O-blood types moved as nomads to the Himalayas, the type B blood type emerged, living on dairy and meat and domesticating animals. Modern type B’s need to relay on red meat like beef, venison and lamb and rather than chicken, choose turkey. Because of the sugar-content in milk, B’s should try to include milk, cheese and yogurt each day into their diet.

Type B personalities tend to be unconventional, relaxed and individualistic. You throw yourself into projects that interest you, always staying committed to your goal even if it is against the odds. Since you tend to follow no one’s rules but yours, you are not really the most cooperative of any of the blood types. Since you pay closer attention to what you think rather than what you feel, you can sometimes come across as cold. Eat loads of pineapples, plums, grapes and bananas as well as vegetables and leafy greens for best results.

It is not a good idea to eat loads of wheat, rye, buckwheat, corn or any other types of grains as these tend to change your abilities of metabolism. The same holds true for seeds and nuts, so avoid sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and peanuts.

A Type Blood

When you have type A blood, you should eat a diet free of meat based on vegetables and fruits, legumes and beans as well as whole grains. Ideally, eat fresh and organic food. This is due to the fact that persons with A type blood have an immune system that is very sensitive. Fill your plate with berries and fruit like peaches, pears, avocados, apples, plums, figs and berries. Select vegetables like garlic, greens, carrots, artichokes and broccoli. For type A’s, poultry and fish should be limited since they don’t have as many enzymes for digesting meat. For more protein, it is a good idea to rely on nuts like nut butter, beans, soy and seeds. Since your body can break these down with ease, you can get optimal nutrition from proteins, carbs and grains, pastas, breads and cereal and these should be staples in your diet.

A blood types are calm, responsible and hardworking. When human ancestry blood type O’s started thinning out, the diet started to expand to include an approach that was semi-vegetarian. Type A blood types have bacteria and digestive enzymes to digest plants and grains which other blood types might have a hard time breaking down.

Personality-wise, when other people are panicking you tend to keep your cool. You are extremely organized, detail oriented, hardworking and responsible. You have a classic personality of being ‘type A,’ however, being conscientious and stressed, craving perfection and success. Of all the blood types, you are the most artistic, and also have more sensitivity than most.

O Type Blood

for those with this blood type, a high protein diet heavy on vegetables, fish, poultry and lean meat and light on dairy, beans and grains. It is recommended for O-blood types people that various supplements be taken to help with issues that people with this blood type tend to have such as tummy trouble. For this blood type, you might want to eat a diet rich in fish, chicken, turkey, lamb or beef. Fish choices can include rainbow trout, sole, halibut, cod and bass. You can also eat seafood and kelp moderately as well as salt, which lowers your iodine levels, letting your thyroid function optimally.

People with blood type O tends to be energetic, have tons of leadership skills and are focused. Considered to be the original type of blood of humanity, type O people are descendants of hunter-gatherers that mainly depended on animal protein for surviving strenuous lifestyles.

When it comes to their personality, people with O blood type are known for being able to focus, have tons of energy, are extroverts and possess strong skills of leadership. You consider yourself practical, rule-conscious, objective, organized, decisive and responsible. You get manic, hyperactive or angry when you ever cheat on your diet, slip into a negative mind-set or stop exercising.

To stay fit, it is important for you to work out regularly. Exercise helps in regulating ulcers and stomach problems which you might go through due to being an O blood type. This blood type thrives on exercise. Get sweating with weight training, cycling, running, swimming and the treadmill.

Does it Actually Work?

It is not easy to say whether or not the blood type diet works. This is due to the fact that there are no direct studies that compare health and weight loss in people who were against those who were not on it.

However, there is one study that has evaluated this diet type. It has been found that people with specific types of blood get more of a ‘lower cholesterol’ benefit from eating diets low in fat. However, this still did not prove that the blood type diet was effective for losing weight.


The premise that D’Adamo makes is that your type of blood is actually the key to the ability of the human body to differentiate non-self from self. In foods, he asserts that lectins react differently with every blood ABO type and to an individual’s secretor status, to a lesser extent. In his book, he asserts that lectins interact with different type of ABO antigens which are described as harmful and incompatible and that different food selections for blood types O, B, AB and A is important in lessening reactions with each lectin.

The ideas of D’Adamo are founded on the classification system ABO system of Jan Jansky and Karl Landsteiner as well as some of the many other surface tissue antigens and systems of classification particularly the ABH secretor status and the Lewis antigen system.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      4 years ago from California

      I have done some research on eating to your blood type. I have O type blood and really need protein. I am gluten free and according to the diet Dr. Joseph Christiano sets forth I shouldn't be eating it anyway.

      This is an interesting subject. Nice work.


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