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The Boy Teacher and the Father Student #87; Real Distance Learning

Updated on July 9, 2020
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Eric started working with children when he was still one himself. He taught first aid through Scouting. All the way to preaching to youth.


He was so cute. What happened?
He was so cute. What happened? | Source

Learn This

The Hamster

There is this new thing called the internet. It facilitates Distance Learning. Distance learning means that one party imparts knowledge to another party from a different place. We think Distance learning is all about a teacher somewhere and students elsewhere connecting via the internet. Distance learning is so much more. Responsible Distance learning is a must. Other than with a teacher, Distance learning is not interactive.

Distance learning is so much more than being taught. It is research and hypothesis and conclusion. We like the IRAC method. Issue, rule, application conclusion. The issue can either be a point to prove or a situation or thing that needs examination. Generally like a question. The rule can be set by society, science of maybe just parents and yes some “rules” make no sense. The application speaks for itself as the issue is broken down by the rule and if we do all that the conclusion may still be wrong but the thinking process is never wrong.

If you ever wondered what method Drs. and lawyers use, it is some form of IRAC. Scientists and Theologians are wise to use it also. Like in creative writing sometimes for the issue to be satisfactorily laid out it needs little facts. That can be as easy as “John is rich and Eric is poor and then a specific meaning to that.

Can you imagine the poor child whose dad teaches him such things? Critical thinking is not an accident of good genes. It is taught as art and science.

B: Dad our hamster is lonely.

F: What makes you say that; do you want another one?

B: I looked it up and hamsters are social and like being at least in pairs.

F: Where did you look up that rule?

B: Wee Companions – they have hamsters for adoption and how to care for them.

F: Alright I like that kind of source. But are they trying to sell you a hamster?

B: Duh! And they sell stuff too. But cheaper than the store and I think it is cool to “rescue” hamsters.

F: Your suggestion is duly noted. Sounds like a visit is in order to check these guys out. Shoot me the link. Just leave your wallet in the car.

B: Ha ha, I know what that means. No shopping. Just getting what we came for.

F: And what are we going for smarty pants.

B: A hamster.


B: Dad you are so boring, I know, research.

Not Yet!

Before the Sun

Above Sedona
Above Sedona | Source

Life & Fiction

Can you even imagine a dad who is such a pain in the backside? Well I did not know that about hamsters. Makes sense though. But how do you say no to a conclusion that is correct. And the boy knows it is about $17 and has it saved. Most adults could learn from that and leave their credit cards at home or in the car. So you are just about now shaking your head. How can you let a ten year old surf the net? Easy. They make parental controls and he has a couple for the extreme. But the real control comes from what I call the “present”. Present in his decisions and being in the moment with him. Control a child and he will break free. Teach a child and he will be free.

Of course the above takes time and some just do not have it. We are blessed here with time. My wife says we are too low middle class. I say we have a house, two cars, go places for a break, our son is well taken care of and we need a new bed and dental insurance not to mention a new hose. Don’t even talk about how fat I am. Food is obvious. And you always have me dressed to the nines. I feel bad for most lower middle class. Not!

B: Dad. Shave.

F: Really.

B: Yes really.

F: One condition. You help me haircut in the back.

B: Ok, I am not nervous about it anymore. At least I do a better job than you.

F: True dat bro. And don’t think I do not appreciate it. You are the bomb.

B: Those are good ones. I will use them in my gaming.

F: Remember no food until you get “Crown” level. Oh and how are CJ and Rico?

B: We are a great team. Thanks for letting me play so much.

F: Son, you need the social interaction, that is just a natural fact. Like the hamster.

B: Whoa dad you did it again. You brought the talking back to a lesson about whatever.

F: Sorry on that. Life is a mystical cavalcade of intertwinements and love, including learning.

B: Dad, go away you are talking all that weird again. But at Least this time I got it. Everything connects like eating ice cream and getting fat. Hihihi. I am not fat so leave my ice cream alone.

Elder Son

Yes he is a model
Yes he is a model | Source

OK Singers

Round About, Back Home

What you may be thinking now and with all of this series is a big old question mark. Little 10 year olds do not think and talk like that. Wonderful! Let us apply IRAC. Question/Issue; do little boys generally think and talk like that? (quick answer is no so we work with that) So we have a rule. Young men do not act like this. //referencing above like that backdrop we need//. The rule is, is that children do not and should not think like young adults – 20ish. Let us apply that. (please note we through in “should” as morality is always part of the gig.)

This boy has a very high IQ. During this time of Covid he spends his time with two very accomplished and bright adults. His father has a doctorate and most important – time. Logic and faith rule supreme. While near 4% of the time love is not optimized, the rest is.

Conclusion. Genes (nature) environment (nurture) can in fact develop such a kid but it is not the general rule.

Before gaming we took a good walk. Conversation was quick and eclectic.

B: There is poopville. Look up and look down. Roost and poops.

F: Wow! I never notice that. Get me a gun and we can eat quail for dinner.


B: Dad will I ever fire a real gun? We don’t even have one.

F: Son I am qualified for concealed carry and with three pistols/handguns. So yes you will shoot real guns. My fav is the 9mm.

B: So why don’t we have one. Uncle Brian said you can shoot a dove in the eye with a 22 caliber at fifty yards. Why don’t we have a 22?

F: Uncle Brian talks too much. And I have no idea why I don’t have a gun. Maybe; a backpack, boots, a new sleeping bag and camp stove make more sense. And that camera and binoculars. Hmm, seems like one of those priority mail deals. Guns are not a priority.

B: It would still be cool. I know you said 14 to go to the range with Uncle Dan.

F: What the heck? Look at that new solar on that house.

The old keeping up with neighbors.

B: We should get solar and air conditioning like Rico, and he has a pool too.

F: You are starting to irritate me boy. I say, I say, knock it off.

B: Are we going one more block?

F: Why are you tired?

B: I am not bored either but I want to….

F: I love that about you. Did you know that? You always look forward to the next deal. But you are still right here right now.

B: Dad you should try it. You do not get excited about stuff enough. Boring.

F: Enough boy I will work on that. I will get back and pull weeds from the garden so it looks really good.

B: See, you can do it!

F: Let’s skip home.

B: No way, someone might see us.

And so the beat goes on.


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