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The Complete Guide To Hay Fever - Symptoms, Cures, Remedies, Top Tips

Updated on April 29, 2013

Hay fever is a condition that affects millions of people. In this article we will look at the symptoms of hay fever, hay fever cures, tips for hay fever remedies and hay fever relief. Although hay fever is a very unpleasant condition it can be treated and the symptoms of hay fever can be eased.

The fact is that many people don’t even realise they have hay fever. Whereas if you have severe hay fever you are more than aware of the problem and will no doubt suffer a great deal in the hay fever season. So before you can start to look for cures or remedies you need to know what exactly the symptoms are, so let us take a look at some of the main symptoms of hay fever. This should give you a clear idea of whether or not this is an issue that affects you.

Hay Fever Symptoms

The symptoms of hay fever can be varied. But generally there are a few main ones to look out for. A common symptom is swollen and itchy eyes. Pollen that gets into the eyes causes an uncomfortable pricking sensation that will sting and make the eyes water. More acute hey fever sufferers will find their eyes become puffy and swollen.

Another common hayfever symptom is a runny nose. Pollen enters the nostrils and can cause sneezing. This is a very frustrating part of hay fever and can be very uncomfortable. Closely related to problems with the nose are problems with the throat. This is another well known hay fever symptom where the throat becomes dry and itchy, in some cases the throat can even become swollen.

Many people who suffer with hay fever also have asthma. During the hay fever season people’s asthma can significantly worsen. Even with people who don’t suffer from asthma, hay fever can cause a tightening of the chest and a shortness of breathe. People who are not used to this kind of sensation of panic which makes the problem worse and will lead to even more difficulty in breathing. When all these symptoms combine they can make for a very unpleasant few months for people who suffer with hay fever.

The Dreaded Pollen

Cures & Remedies


When it comes to cures for hay fever there are many different things you can try. There are lots of medications on the market that can ease the symptoms of the allergy. Most of these come in drug from, some are one a day tablets whereas some you have to take every few hours. You can even get an injection now that is said to stop hay fever and prevent any hey fever symptoms.

If you are looking for more simple and traditional cures for hay fever then there are plenty of tips you can try. One well known cure for hay fever is eating local honey. This builds up an immunity to the pollen in the area and is said to help fight off the symptoms of hay fever. Another good idea is to wear sunglasses. This stops pollen entering the eyes and will alleviate the problem of itchy eyes somewhat.

A strange one but a very effective little remedy is not to blow your nose. This disturbs the pollen in the nose and makes things worse. Although it is very tempting to want to blow your nose it is often better if you simply wipe it. Something else that can help with a runny nose is to suck on mints or lozenges. This will help sooth the throat as well as help clear the nose, the effects of what you are sucking on can block out some of the pollen and help to lesson the symptoms.

Places To Avoid

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More Top Tips

Another tip for dealing with hay fever is to simply avoid pollen. So keep your windows shut while you are in the house. Visiting places like the beach is a good idea as there will be less pollen in these areas. If possible stay away from areas with high pollen, places like gardens, woods or meadows. These are very simple suggestions but can be very effective in curing hay fever.

A clever little idea is to add a thin layer of Vaseline to the inside of the nostrils. This will catch pollen entering the nose and so stop it causing problems. Although some people may not enjoy this sensation it will help to relieve the symptoms. It has also been proven that dairy products aggravate hay fever. So while the hay fever season is on it can be a good idea to avoid dairy wherever possible.

If you are having problems with your Asthma then there are steps you can take here to help improve your breathing when Hay Fever flares up. The most obvious one is to always make sure you carry your inhaler, this way if you are having issues with your breathing you can use this to open up your airways. Another tip is not to panic, remain calm when you are struggling for breath, if you panic this will make the problem worse and make it even more difficult to breathe. Sucking on mints or throat lozenges can also help clear the airways so this is another good way of dealing with the problem.

Although hay fever is a very unpleasant thing to have there are lots of cures and remedies you can use to bring hay fever relief. When the hay fever season starts it’s important to be ready to combat the symptoms and go about living as normal a life as possible. This means planning ahead and being prepared, if you start taking medication or herbal remedies just before Hay Fever season starts then this can increase your chances of fighting off the pollen when it starts to take effect. So next time you feel your eyes starting to itch and your throat starting to scratch, take positive action and combat the symptoms of hay fever.


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