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The Corona Epidemic Is Rapidly Declining in Seven Countries

Updated on May 4, 2020

The Corona epidemic is rapidly declining in seven countries

Coronavirus has already killed about two and a half million people worldwide. However, in countries where the epidemic has been rampant for so long, the situation seems to be slowly coming under control. But infections and deaths are rising rapidly in a few other countries. Some of these countries are again quite populous.

Brazil is now at the top of the seven countries where deaths and infections are rising rapidly. The situation is similar in Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. In addition, the situation is rapidly deteriorating in Canada, Russia and India. is publishing all-time information about the coronavirus epidemic. According to this website, the number of corona infected patients around the world was around 35 lakh 40 thousand till 12 midnight Bangladesh time on Sunday. Death touches two and a half lakhs.

About 11 lakh have recovered.After China, the epidemics became more severe in Europe, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands; North American countries are the United States and Asia is Iran. Of these, an average of one and a half to two thousand people are dying every day in the United States and five to seven hundred in the United Kingdom. Deaths in all other countries have been relatively low. The United States and the United Kingdom are also slowing down.But the situation in the South American country of Brazil is becoming increasingly dire.

The number of identified patients in the country is around one lakh. Five to six thousand patients are being identified every day. In the last five days, the number of daily deaths has exceeded five hundred. Of these, 520 died last Thursday and 509 on Sunday. In the other three days, 447 people died on Friday, 390 on Saturday and 340 on Monday. Overall, the country now ranks 6th in the world in the number of deaths. Till yesterday, more than 6,600 people died.Despite this situation, protests against the lockdown are going on in this country as well as in the United States. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro himself has backed the protests.

Infection is also on the rise in Peru, another Latin American country. In the last seven to eight days, an average of more than two and a half to three thousand patients are being identified daily. And in the last five days more than 60 people are dying. Of these, 107 people died last Saturday. In all, about 43,000 patients have been identified in the country. Deaths have exceeded 1,200.The situation is rapidly deteriorating in Ecuador, another country in the region. Death touches one and a half thousand. About 30,000 affected. In that sense, it doesn't seem like much compared to other countries, but more than nine hundred people have died in the last five days.The situation continues to worsen in neighboring Canada.

In the last 15 days of the last one month in the country, more than one thousand patients have been identified daily and in the last 15 days, more than one and a half thousand patients have been identified daily. And death has not come down in the last 20 days. Most of the days were one and a half arrows as well, one day it exceeded two hundred. 175 people also died last Saturday. 206 people the day before.

In all, the death toll in Canada has exceeded three and a half thousand. About 56 thousand patients have been identified.The death toll in Mexico exceeded 2,000 yesterday. Of these, more than one hundred people are dying every day for 10 days. There are more than 21,000 infected patients in the country. The highest number of patients was identified on Saturday, 1,515.Russia now has the highest number of patients in the United States and Europe, after Spain, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

But Russia was still in good shape when the epidemic hit those countries. However, on an average, more than five thousand patients are being found in the country every day for 15 days. 10 thousand 733 new patients were identified in the country yesterday. With this, more than 1 lakh 34 thousand patients were identified in Russia.But with so many patients, the lowest death toll in the country so far is about 1,300. 57 people died on Saturday.

Even then, Russian authorities are considering easing sanctions from May 12. However, President Vladimir Putin said the situation was "extremely difficult."Infections and deaths are on the rise in neighboring India as well. According to NDTV, the daily death toll in the country rose to 100 on Saturday. 63 people died in India till evening Bangladesh time yesterday. In all, more than 1,300 patients have died in the country. The number of infected patients identified is around 40,000.

© 2020 MD Naimur Rahman Araf


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