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The Corona Meter Closes Yesterday With 10 Injuries: The Containment Phase Is Over ... the Phase-out Phase Has Begun

Updated on March 1, 2020

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of three new laboratory-confirmed cases infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), belonging to people who previously came on planes from Iran and "were present in the house isolation". The Rafic Hariri Governmental University Hospital announced, the day before yesterday, the diagnosis of three new cases whose owners were admitted to the isolation unit to receive treatment, "the first case is the wife of an injured from the Iranian subsidiary, and the other two cases are the son of a patient of the Syrian subsidiary and his friend". This brings the total number of injuries to ten.

Although the Ministry of Health announced the day before yesterday that the epidemic is still in the “containment” stage, the Beirut Medical Association concluded yesterday that this stage has ended, and the phase of spreading (Mitigation) started, noting that the number of cases “It will increase in the coming days and weeks”, and that Lebanon is one of the countries where the virus is spread by delegations that came from abroad “without submitting to the necessary quarantine”. Accordingly, the Syndicate recommended that entry delegations from the affected areas be excluded completely, with the exception of the returning Lebanese, "especially in light of the absence of the initial effective measures to protect Lebanon from the spread of this epidemic". It also recommended that the government "obligate educational and recreational institutions and other crowded places to limit these gatherings," and asked "citizens to take the utmost care and caution to limit the speed of the spread of the disease".

In the face of these developments, the "level of concern" rose in popularity, and most of the regions are living in an alert that has been translated by organizing awareness-raising seminars and practicing "self-censorship" on the returnees from places that witness the spread of the virus in light of the failure of many of the suspects to comply with the instructions of adhering to the quarantine.

This concern was expressed by employees of public administrations, as their association appealed to the Prime Minister Hassan Diab to close all gathering centers "especially public and private departments and institutions", starting today for a period of 15 days "the incubation period of the disease". In light of developments and data, it is then built on the required thing, until all protective requirements are secured in the work centers, starting with operating epidemiological monitoring devices at the doors of departments and institutions and securing glass barriers, masks, disinfectants, equipped bathrooms and sterilization.

Six new HIV infections were registered in the past two days, bringing the total number, until yesterday evening, to ten, one of them in critical condition. Thus, Lebanon has moved from the stage of containing the virus to the stage of limiting its spread, according to the Physicians Syndicate, which has recommended the government to obligate various institutions to reduce gatherings, and citizens to take utmost care and precaution to limit the speed of the spread of the disease

Medical Association: the number of cases will increase in the coming days and weeks

While the association questioned the effectiveness of the home quarantine, she pointed out, "It is impossible to spare an employee, worker or employee, or the risk of transmitting the virus from a colleague of Seashell that he is close to a homeless person or from a colleague's son who came from his school with the disease, and in light of the inability of the Lebanese even to try to prevent and secure the simplest tools". The Association called on the employees to take urgent measures, such as not using the fingerprint machines temporarily, pending the provision of specialized medical protection methods to use these machines, only signing the attendance paper, and closing all direct service windows and counters that deal directly with citizens, except for departments that provide health services.

In the same context, the "Judicial Assistants Caucus" called on the concerned authorities to "equip the entrances of public institutions and departments, including the palaces of justice, with medical monitoring devices", and called on the assistants to "take the utmost levels of personal protection during their work (using masks and medical gloves), especially They are in direct contact with hundreds of citizens and litigants on a daily basis, and without insulating glass inside the offices in the palaces of justice”.

Recommendations of the Doctors ’Syndicate

  1. Putting all ministries in a state of health alert to apply all protection and prevention measures that are included in the recommendations of the“ World Health Organization ”to countries, including gatherings and crowded places, in coordination with the concerned municipalities in the places where cases appear.
  2. Providing immediate therapeutic health centers, isolation and isolation reception centers for patients in all governorates within the health centers of the Ministry of Health, and preparing government and private hospitals to receive more cases.
  3. Urgent and urgent training of health and medical nursing work teams for all regions within these centers, and equipping them in a safe manner in order to protect the patient, the citizen and the health worker.
  4. Putting the Physicians Syndicate and its affiliated scientific societies into the disposal of these recommendations into practice, and coordinating with the relevant ministries and official agencies in order to follow up, update and develop them.
  5. Refrain from marketing and using drugs and drugs that are not scientifically proven under pain of responsibility, as there is no medicine or vaccine yet.
  6. The Ministry of Health cooperated with the Ministry of Information and media institutions to produce and broadcast short promotional films to raise awareness of this disease and how to prevent it.
  7. Everyone, officials, citizens, and civil societies cooperated to overcome this stage, as the role of civil society equals its importance with the role of government and official agencies.

Protection of Health Workers

The Medical Association recommended that “no person receive clinical features that correspond to clinical signs of the disease in any public place, and recommend a person with a fever or cough, or pain in the throat and other indications” to review his doctor if he does not come from an infected area”, or go to the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital if he comes from an infected area without passing through his doctor or any other health center, provided that this recommendation is applied to all health workers on Lebanese territory, including all doctors, nurses and health workers.

It also recommended ensuring protection for the health worker, other patients and people in the health center to prevent the transmission of infection, calling exclusively the Red Cross numbers and working to isolate the patient's companions.


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