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The Danger Lurking About the Immunity Passport and Covid-19

Updated on April 26, 2020

The problem with the coronavirus is who does and who does not have immunity via antibodies in one's blood stream. There are so many other issues revolving around this one premise and antibody tests are in their infancy with this new virus. There are so many questions yet unanswered that creating a test is a hit and miss trial.

However, nations and their governments are already looking to ways to identify who is virus-free and immune and those who are not. With so many jobs on hold and social distancing in society, how a nation determines who is safe and who is not is critical.

If one is immune to the virus, they are allowed to be out socially and they can return to work, is the thinking. Those who are immune will receive a nearly invisible mark in the arm or hand that can only be seen under ultraviolet light. When seen, it will tell medical staff that this person is immune due to antibody tests or other medical proof. This mark has already been created and tested in 2019 and will remain in the body for 5 years. It takes seconds to apply and harmless to humans.

Germany and the UK are already seriously looking at this method for their populations. In fact, Germany has sent out hundreds of thousands of tests to see who is immune to the virus. This enable the government to see who is able to return to work and earn a living (buy and sell). In the UK, 17.5 antibody tests have already been stockpiled for its citizens pending a final decision to do the same thing.

While this may be at first a good reason to accept an "immunity passport", think of the biblical implications told in Revelations about a person who receives the mark of the beast will be able to buy and sell, in other words, have income. Whenever that time does arrive, people will have to have a valid reason to be forced to accept a mark. It will not just happen by edict or law, at first., but some sort of lure or logical reason why people would accept the mark. What is more valid than a passport indicating you are virus free and with antibodies that prevent you from reinfecting others in the pandemic? And, by having it, you can return to your job that creates your power to buy and sell? If you do not, you cannot return to life as it was without fines etc., or, return to your work because your employer will look for the immunity passport by law or they will face fines. In the Revelations, the Mark of the Beast is 666. There is much debate about its meaning. The key is that some sort of mark happens when Antichrist arrives and only those who take it will be able to buy or sell.

Covid-19 is the reason (or one of them) as to why some governments are looking for ways to mark people with the immunity passport, which could be used for other nefarious ways to force a population to accept it without force, but them wanting to get it to get their life back!

If the immunity passport fails to gain hold, there will be another similar type event for governments to use to control their populations into certain types of behavior. Nations are relying on the antibody tests, however, scientists will tell you that the tests being created are in their infancy and have false negatives that are not acceptable or are targeting the wrong types of antibodies. For example, we still know very little about what human immunity to the disease looks like, how long it lasts or even if the virus is still contagious with antibodies. Immunity is different between those infected, why? Some tests target the wrong antibodies as the virus changes over time. In fact, a test that is 95% accurate isn’t much use at all. Even the smallest errors can blow up over a large population.

As governments around the world look for a way to quickly determine who has antibodies or who does it in less than 15 minutes, they are also looking for a way to control them with an immunity passport mark. If you want to work, you will need it, should this idea come to reality.

Just remember the Revelations and the Mark of the Beast as caution to the wind.


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