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The Dangers Associated with Depression and how to Handle Depression

Updated on October 11, 2017
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The dangers associated with depression and how to handle depression.
The dangers associated with depression and how to handle depression.

The Dangers Associated with Depression

Depression is a very common mood disorder that causes the sufferer to continuously feel sad. Several millions of people all over the world suffer from depression.

When you are suffering from depression, it affects every aspect of your life. It affects how you feel, how you sleep, how you eat, how you work, and how you think. This is what makes depression a very dangerous health issue. In this post, we would be looking at some of the main dangers associated with depression and some of the ways to handle depression.

Below are some of the common dangers of depression:


Depressed persons are likely to kill themselves because they are sometimes unable to understand how they feel. They sometimes feel life has nothing good to offer them and the best thing they can do to overcome their problem is dying. If they are not helped properly after showing some signs of committing suicide, they can end up killing themselves.


When you are depressed, you might end up taking too much drugs and not going according to the prescriptions given to you by the doctor. You can also end up drinking alcohol and other harmful drugs to reduce thinking and pain. This will affect your health adversely.

Self injury

Some depressed persons harm themselves for so many reasons. Some injure themselves just because they want to see blood or just to feel pains. Even though this behavior from depressed people, they are very common amongst the depressed.

Reckless behavior

Bad practices such as smoking and stealing can be practiced by depressed people simply because they feel abnormal and don’t care whatever happens to them.

Bad attitude towards work

Depression is not only dangerous to the sufferer. However, it can also impose some dangers to those close to the depressed patient. For instance, a depressed individual won’t be able to concentrate at work .This can cause the depressed to leave work unfinished or make a lot of errors. This would obviously affect their productivity at work, which means his or her employer would also suffer the consequences.

You can handle depression by engaging in regular exercises.
You can handle depression by engaging in regular exercises.

How to handle depression

Handling depression is not the easiest of things to do. However, you can try the below methods to control the symptoms of depression:


Taking regular exercise will help you to overcome depression because it helps you to release some stress and keep you active to continue with your daily activities successfully.

Take fewer decisions

Also, it is advisable to avoid taking decisions when you are depressed because you might end up making wrong decisions that can affect you after you have recovered.

Take medications

If you take your medications prescribed by the doctor well, you will be healed from depression. This is because such medicines contain some chemicals that help to control your mood swings when you are affected.

At times medications that have worked for any of your family member or relative who has suffered from depression could be used to correct your situation. This is because the problems of depression have some biological and genetic factors too.


Try your best to educate yourself on ways to avoid depression so that someday when you are depressed you will be able to overcome it with little or no help from your clinical psychologist.


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 6 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      For me, living with depression was like living in a fog. Nothing made sense and no matter which way I turned, I could not see things clearly. I just wanted to crawl under the covers and never come out! When a friend told me that she thought I was depressed, I didn't believe her. When the suicidal thoughts came, though, I knew she was right and I sought medical treatment. It was the best think I ever did. Now, I recognize the distorted thought patterns before I get stuck in the fog, and I am able to take steps to deal with them.

    • jo miller profile image

      Jo Miller 6 months ago from Tennessee

      Thank you for tackling this subject. It is very real for many people.