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The Dangers of Ska Pastora

Updated on January 26, 2011

The Dangers of Ska Pastora

Ska Pastora is another name for salvia, a plant substance that is commonly used as a hallucinogenic drug. Salvia is also referred to as Diviner’s Sage, because of its use in early Native American rituals, and among Shamans for inducing “visions.” Ska Pastora has recently increased in popularity as a psychoactive substance. Its abuse among teens and young adults has become a subject of controversy, prompting calls from concerned parents and legislators for additional regulation and restriction of the drug.

Ska Pastora contains the most potent hallucinogenic compounds ever recorded. The active compound found in the leaves of the plant is known as Salvinorin A. This compound produces intense hallucinations that often last for only a matter of minutes. While the effects of Ska Pastora may be short-term, it is the abuse of the drug that is causing concern. Emergency rooms around the country have noted incidences where an individual has consumed too much of the plant substance or consumed it in the wrong manner, resulting in illness or injury.

There has been at least one incident of suicide linked to the use of salvia, and another incident of psychosis from long-term use. However, doctors and medical researchers are not convinced that the actual cause of these isolated incidents is the hallucinogenic plant compound. There has been very little research regarding the long-term effects of salvia, but researchers do believe that salvia is linked to depression

While infrequent use of salvia typically does not cause any adverse effects, the increased popularity of the drug has opened the door to widespread abuse. In the majority of cases, salvia is used on an experimental basis only, and there have been no side effects or risk of addiction associated with the substance.

However, because Ska Pastora is a hallucinogen, certain precautions must be taken when using the compound. When smoking salvia, proper supervision by someone who is sober is a must. Standing or attempting to perform any other type of activity while under the influence of salvia is extremely dangerous and counterintuitive for those who desire to fully experience the plant’s effects.

For those that have never used salvia before, it is often recommended to start with a less potent compound to gauge the effects of the drug. Each person’s experience with salvia divinorum is different, and dangerous hallucinations can occur in some people. Ska Pastora is not recommended for use by people with a history of depression or other types of mental illnesses, especially those with PTSD. The hallucinogenic effects of the plant compounds can cause dangerous flashbacks.


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