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The Dark Side of Vaccination Programs

Updated on June 7, 2013
The dark side of vaccination programs is rarely discussed or explored.
The dark side of vaccination programs is rarely discussed or explored.

“I’m from the government and this vaccination will help” and other lies

It scares me to consider how many of you continue allowing chemicals injected into your bodies without knowing what chemicals they are allowing in or the effects of those substances both short term and long-term. Most of us have blindly followed the recommendations of health care specialists and allowed many chemicals and toxins (toxic chemical) into our bodies without giving them a second thought.

Chemicals such as aluminum salts (which are toxic to neurons), squalene, and mercury are often included in the chemical cocktail that is part of the vaccine. These chemicals are added in order to prolong the shelf life of the vaccine. Like food additives, these are included, yet not often mentioned, since they were part of the preservative added rather than the vaccine used in the clinical trials. Consider for a moment the preservatives being added. Although mercury is a chemical that if spilled, you are required to call the local or regional health department or environmental agencies due to its toxicity. You may be taking that substance into your body unawares. Consider for a moment what the effects a toxin like that has on a young child whose immune system is not fully developed.

Not only are we ingesting more chemicals, we are ingesting them more often. The recommended number of vaccines has been steadily increasing. With each vaccine, you are taking in more chemicals. Some vaccines have a multiple whammy. It is estimated that some children are vaccinated against 100 antigens by the time they are in school. Think about that for a moment. Your baby will be introduced to at least 100 different diseases or chemicals in a manner that bypasses their bodies natural defenses by the time they go to school. Bear in mind for a vaccine to be made, a disease is grown on foreign tissue or genetically modified material. Like mold, the vaccine is cultivated. This cultivated culture is them preserved with other chemicals and delivered to your child or yourself. In the United States, a child less than one years old is expected to be vaccinated against 26 antigens by their first birthday.This is the highest number of recommended vaccines of any nation in the world.

Despite all these recommendations, the United States is ranked #34 in terms of infant mortality (e.g. 33 nations have lower infant morality rates than we do). So all the chemicals have not reduced the number of deaths.

The Dark Side of Vaccination Programs

There have been incidents where non-assuming persons were victims of the dark side of vaccination programs. The first record I found occurred in Louisiana in 1864. During that time, the War Between the States was raging. The line between the sides was often blurry and confused in Louisiana where it often went back and forth. During one of the times that Union troops moved into the area around Opelousas, the soldiers required locals to be involved in a vaccination campaign. Although the residents were told that the vaccination was to prevent smallpox, the reality was that the vaccines were tainted. Those who received the vaccines dies soon after. Since there were many atrocities in Louisiana at the time, the incident was overlooked.

In England, smallpox vaccines were declared ‘mandatory’ in 1871. Although many people were vaccinated beginning in 1871, the number of smallpox infections rose from 5% at that time to 95% in 1895. In order to induce people to take the vaccination, photos of graveyards from infection communities were used as part of persuading people to be vaccinated. Despite what they were being told, many of those buried in the graveyard pictures had been vaccinated. Even with such a dismal record concerning the impact of vaccination, smallpox is often cited as one of the diseases that vaccinations have helped reduce.

Later in the 19th century, when the United States gained possession of the Philippines, one of the first acts undertaken was implementing a smallpox vaccination program to rid the islands of smallpox. What was discovered is that those that were vaccinated died three times more frequently of smallpox than the unvaccinated population of the islands.

In 1899, doctors in Laredo, Texas noticed a pox like disease among the children from the poorer parts of town. Their response was to order door to door vaccination and fumigation of those sections of town. The residents initially resisted the strong arm tactics. When they resisted, the Texas Rangers were brought in. The rangers began implementing the door to door orders, even when it meant breaking down doors. What could not be fumigated was burned. The people reacted by pelting the rangers and doctors with rocks. When an order for 2000 shotgun shells from the part of town they were operating in was placed, reinforcements were brought in to settle the unrest in the city, in what became known as the "Laredo Smallpox Riot".

In the 20th century, there is the incident of Dr. Achmad Mochtar. Dr. Mochtar was a prominent Indonesian researcher. During the Japanese occupation of his nation, he uncovered the truth behind a Japanese vaccination campaign conducted there. The Japanese were testing a potential vaccine on the local population before administering it to their soldiers. Dr. Mochtar discovered that those who were vaccinated died from it. He was beheaded by the Japanese troops before his discovery was made public.

Part of the mission of the infamous Japanese Unit 731 was the development of vaccines for their soldiers. This military unit was known for their experiments on humans, which included exposure to deadly toxins and agents. The unit, based in Manchuria exposed prisoners to plague, anthrax and other pathogens. The unit often referred to those they experimented on as ‘maruta’ or logs. After the war, the leader of Unit 731 made a deal with United States military authorities to turn over his research findings in exchange for not being prosecuted for war crimes. Dr. Murray Sanders advises General Douglas McArthur to accept the deal. A one day United States Congressional hearing was conducted into the matter in 1986, as to whether or not United States soldiers were experimented on. The committee’s findings were ruled inconclusive.

In the 1980’s during the fighting in Guatemala, it was common for military units to tell the local inhabitants that they were going to be given vaccinations when in reality, they were rounded up and killed. The ruse of telling the people that they were giving vaccinations was often used as a way to make them less resistive to their fates.

The uproar over vaccines continue to the 21st century. In 2009, the German people discovered that there were two types of vaccines being administered to the people. One with fewer side effects was given to the politically well connected, while the one with more numerous adjuvants and potential side effects given to the general population. When this practice was discovered many in Germany were upset with the discovery.

Vaccines and their potential danger is not limited to one particular nation. The dangers of vaccines exists across borders. Although they are often portrayed to the public as ‘safe’ and with minimal side effects, the dark history of vaccines raises concerns. The phrase “I am from the government and here to help with vaccines” has a long history of being associated with potentially dangerous outcomes for well over 100 years.

Despite all the dangers, the Center for Disease Control is the largest purchaser of vaccines in the United States. One third of their annual budget is for vaccines.It is also of interest that the former head of the CDC (Julie Gerberding) has taken a job as the head of Merck vaccines (which is the largest US producer of vaccines).

Besides this, there are also paid trolls whose job is to discredit anyone who questions vaccines, or their safety. The Bill Gates foundation is funding the tracking of those who voice opposition to vaccines.

Among the strategies the trolls use is playing on the emotions of the parents with tearful accounts of injury and disease happening to the unvaccinated. Despite such horror stories, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has consistently refused comparing the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. The studies that have been done have shown higher rates of developmental disorders, autism and ADHD among the vaccinated over the unvaccinated populations, especially with boys (Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, September 2008 Carolyn Gallagher* and Melody Goodman, and Generation Rescue Telephone Study). There are still debates raging concerning the studies and what the ramifications of them are. Studies such as these are often kept from parents. The lack of clarity leaves many in the dark when it comes to the dark side of vaccines.

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  • Admiral Murrah profile imageAUTHOR

    Admiral Murrah 

    6 years ago from Texas


    Thank you for your comment. I agree that people really need to do their homework on them (vaccines) these days. Some vaccines are very helpful, yet there are others that are questionable. It is dangerous to blindly accept injections just because they are recommended by their physician. In many cases, the information provided by physicians to you is what they are told by the pharmaceutical company sales people rather than based on thoroughly researching the matter themselves. Vaccines are often given with good intentions, without the public knowing all the ingredients. It is odd how with food products, having the ingredient list is required, yet with medical products, such an ingredient list is not required.

  • Alastar Packer profile image

    Alastar Packer 

    6 years ago from North Carolina

    Yes, how about those two-in-one recent vaccines in Germany, one for the elites and the other for everyone else. Good article that includes some interesting history on vaccines. The wise person really should do their homework on them nowadays.


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