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The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios: What makes it different from other diet programs?

Updated on June 14, 2012

In this hub, I will personally talk about Isabel and her Diet Solution Program which have been the talk of the town because it has helped thousands of individuals suffering from overweight and low nutrition.

Isabel De Los Rios
Isabel De Los Rios

Who is Isabel De Los Rios and why she became an icon for healthy figure?

Isabel is a certified exercise specialist and nutritionist. She is the owner of New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey and the author of The Diet Solution Program. She has attained the highest and most advanced certification given by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Isabel has also been certified by the Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute in San Diego as Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach. She counsels many individuals which include diabetics, patients with heart disease, overweight individuals, cancer survivors, and individuals who wish to maintain health and prevent any sort of diseases.

What makes her diet program different from the other programs?

The Diet Solution Program authored by Isabel itself, what makes it different from the other programs? These might be the best question that most frustrated dieters would ask. It may not be that so different at all, because most of the program mostly talks about proper diet and exercise.

But what makes it different is the approach, strategies and principles that was applied. This is where Isabel sets her apart from the others; she completely deals her clients in a different but effective way of approach which creates positive results from once frustrated dieters.

Through word-by-mouth, Isabel has successfully grown her popularity in the internet as well as from other professional nutritionist and doctors. The daughter of type 2 diabetic, Isabel has proven that proper exercise, diet and health awareness when properly enforced truly delivers an outstanding effect on fighting many sorts of illnesses. Now she has shared her knowledge to others through an online e-course available for everyone. Teaching people on how to execute the right exercise and diet that suits their body.

Cinder Standifer’s testimony stated that, she thought that all fats are bad and that checking on the amount of calories of the box is enough to make her fit and healthy but unfortunately she didn't succeed. She realized that not all her understanding to lose weight was true, that all fats are bad and checking the calories without determining the ingredients are enough. Isabel’s guide book has taught her the truth about fats and the proper diet that fits for her. She also stated on her testimony that she's finally on her dream weight, she no longer feel starving and feel happy for what she had accomplished following Isabel’s training.

Melinda Marshall quoted “My husband can’t get over how much better I look” on her testimony. She had written a total of 391 words on her testimonial stating her successful experience of The Diet Solution Program, it helped her to lose more weight and fight diabetes. She is happy continuing the program and hoping to make more better changes.

My personal thoughts of Isabel's The Diet Solution Program

Undoubtedly her credentials have proven her hard work and determination on helping people on achieving better health. So I think Isabel’s approach to health and fitness which resulted to thousands of positive feedbacks is definitely the best option for overweight, unhealthy, as well as individuals who wish to maintain their health in good condition.

I would highly recommend that you checkout Isabel's The Diet Solution Program and try the starter kit.

Come back here in this article and tell us your experience with the program. Have a great day.


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