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The Doctor within

Updated on July 12, 2014

Medical doctors play an important role in the maintenance and restoration of good health. That is why they are indispensable in any society. Moreover, health, they say, it wealth. A fact that has come to stay simply that man prospers and does more in a healthy state. However, it may be surprising that some people claim not to need the attention of medical doctors. This is usually because of faith or religious reason and such religious sect beliefs that it is not right to take drug or any other medication.

Well, disease sets in when the body losses its vital physiological functions or it is unable to carry out some of its functions. This means that disease starts when the natural physiological processes are compromised. It is also known that our body tries to prevent such deviation by combating invading micro-organism or conversion of fat/protein to glucose as a source of energy when the carbohydrate source is not available or is limited. The body also converts excess carbohydrate to fat among others. Therefore, it follows that there is a doctor within that tries to ensure that our body is within the normal physiological range and to prevent detrimental deviations from the normal. Clinical signs starts to manifest when such deviations are observable which is usually because the doctor within failed to handle it properly or could not handle it at all. It is usually at this stage that the medical doctors come in to support.

The success of the efforts by medical doctors will to at large extent depend on the state of the body before such therapeutic intervention was made. This is because the prognosis will be grave if a greater damage had already been done to the systems. This also shows that in as much as doctors seem to give therapy and other supports to the sick, they still depend on the ability of the doctor within to utilize such medical substances/agents. It is for this reason that it can be said that what medical doctors do is to support the doctor within, when the battle is such that it can’t handle it alone or that it lacks the resources necessary to combat and win such battle.

This may explain why some sick people still get better without seeking medical attention. These people may want to live natural by not permitting any external agents into their system or it may be for religious seek. However, we are now certain that there is a doctor within that is important in the maintenance of good health. That is why some doctors say, “We treat while God heals.” Above, it is also said, “Death is the final healing.”


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