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The Easy Way to Lose Weight

Updated on May 10, 2011

Is there an easy way for many of us who have no time to lose weight? Think about the busy moms, office clerks executives and students, have they any time to eat right and exercise? The easy and practical way for those people, is to shift to healthier eating alternatives, it is their first priority because, even if they exercise without changing their food, they will not get the desired weight loss.

Open the Door for Losing Weight

The image of starvation, exercise and costs leads many of us to the "later on" syndrome. Weight loss should not be difficult because it is not. As long as it is healthy food you can eat whatever you want, and the good news is that you can lose the extra weight fast.

All what it takes is a few dietary changes and the results are astonishing. So many people tried this trick with great success. Well, but what are these food changes?

Keep the White Foods Away

With a few exceptions like chicken, turkey, fish, cauliflower and the similar , you should not eat anything that is white in color like flower based products, bread, pasta, crackers, most cereals, white potatoes, white rice, mayonnaise, whipping cream, and before all sugar. They should actually be banned from your food for the first 2 weeks, then you should be selective if you do not find the permanent alternatives.

Water is What You Should Drink and Nothing Else

For good metabolism, body cell requirements and cleansing, you need to drink a minimum of 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water, for example; if your weight is 220 lbs you need to drink 110 ounces, or approximately 3 liters of water, .. oh don't forget to drink water while eating, or how and when would you get this amount in 24 hours?

Coffee? 1 or 2 cups of black coffee will do the job, and if you want to add anything water make sure it is not white.

Exclude the Word "Wheat" from Your Food List

Whether it is whole wheat, organic wheat, beautiful wheat .., you should not eat it. This includes bread, pasta, crackers and cereals. Look at the packaged snack food ingredient list and read it carefully to be sure that it coes not contain the word WHEAT. .

Don't believe it? Go this plan for the next 15 days and you will see some wonderful weight loss results.


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