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The Effect of Positive Attitude: How You Can Change Your World Inside Out

Updated on March 29, 2013

Before we go any further, there's an exercise that I wish that you can do now. First, try listening to your inner thoughts, how do you feel inside you? As you have identified your thoughts, place a label to them, it is a positive or negative?

Now imagine that you are walking along the street with those same thoughts lingering in your head. Do you think that people that you meet along the way could tell what's inside your mind?

I believe that not one a normal person could describe precisely what you have in mind unless he or she is a psychic or a mind reader. But I could say that he or she would at least know how do you feel inside you, whether it is positive or negative. Exactly the same as the label that you have put on them.

Here's another interesting question. What if with full of anger you are walking into a silent room where everybody is concentrating to their work? Do you think that they will at least move their heads or bodies because of uneasiness?

You know what? The answer to all these depends on your frame of mind.

Positive attitude paths way to Success
Positive attitude paths way to Success

Thoughts are alive and they are extremely powerful. Your general attitude are always affected by your dominant thoughts. Imagine that you wake up and find that your clothe is spoil and you can't find your file on your desk. You become tense and getting into angry. Does it show in your appearance? Well, it's definitely would, unless if you are an Oscar winner.

Most people think attitude is more of an individual thing and no one should interfere with it. Well, that's partly correct because attitude not only affects how we deal with the people around us but the way we approach them will also leave an impart on them too. The type of attitude that you carry depends entirely on you, whether a positive or a negative one.

Positive thoughts are empowering and certainly they have a filling effect. They are admittedly invigorating and people around the person that carries such thoughts are usually energized by this type of attitude. It can strengthen their body and mind in a very subtle way.

On the other hand, negative thought are dis-empowering and have a sapping effect on other people. Apart from making you look tired and gloomy, negative thoughts can certainly turn a festive gathering where people are enjoying into a funeral wake. It is not impossible! This is even true if more than two persons are sharing this same kind of attitude.

A positive attitude attracts people while a negative one repels them. Positive thoughts are energizing and they make people will feel great. Negative thoughts are energy drowners and people feel sick if that kind of people is around them.

Attitude can also be defined as the way we perceive the world. That is one big secret in self improvement, the world is a reflection of our inner mind, What we have inside us, we will find the same outside. As within, as without. So if you choose to focus on the negative side of all things in the world, more or less you will have a negative attitude brewing up. The same happens if you focus on the positive of all things.

Benefits of Having Positive Attitude

Winning is your right!
Winning is your right!

You have much to gain from a very positive attitude. For one, studies have shown that a positive attitude promotes better health and those with this kind of attitude also have more friends and close peers. Projecting a positive attitude also helps one to handle stress and problems better than those who have a negative attitude.

A positive attitude begins with a healthy self-image. If you love the way you are and that you are satisfied, confident, and self-assured, you certainly will also make others around you feel the same way.

A negative attitude, on the other hand, has of course, the opposite effect. So, carrying a negative attitude has a twofold drawback. You feel bad about yourself and that you make others feel the same way. What makes it even worse, people hate seeing you.

If you want to have a positive attitude, you have to feature healthy thoughts and do must watch them consciously. However, this is most probably very hard to do nowadays because the media now only feeds nothing but negative thoughts. A study run by a group of professional researchers shows that for every 14 things that a parent says to his or her child, only one is positive. Don't you think this is very saddening?

If you want a healthier outlook in life, you need to think happy thoughts, and you have to hear positive things as well. So, what can you do? Well, for starters, you could see a funny movie, you could play with children, spend some time telling jokes with friends. All these activities fill you with positive stimuli, which in turn promotes positive attitude.

Although it is impossible to keep ourselves from the negative things around us, you can still carry a positive attitude by focusing on the good things, the positive things in life. Watch your mind consciously and block negative things from broadcasting from it.

Thumbs UP!
Thumbs UP!

And this positive attitude you now carry can be of benefit to other people. Sometimes when other people feel down, the thing people mostly do is try to give them advice. But sometimes, all they need is somebody to sit by them, and listen to them. If you have a positive attitude you may be able to cheer them up without even having to say anything. Your positive energy can heal their hurts.

If positive attitude is really great, why do people choose to adopt a negative attitude instead?

One who carries a negative attitude may be actually sending a signal for attention. And before you get me wrong, feeling sad, angry, or gloomy is not wrong itself. There must be a time for down but it certainly must be limited, says for 15 minutes and then change your mode.

As always, if you are beset by troubles, even in your darkest hour, focus on the good things in life and that will bring you more hope. Problems are things that created by us, either emotionally or spiritually. They are good for us, they make us grow and enliven our lives. The only people that have less problem are those that sleeping in the grave yards, soundly!

You do not have much to lose by adopting a healthy, positive attitude. Studies show that such an attitude actually retards aging, makes you healthier, helps you develop a better stress coping mechanism, and has a very positive effect on all the people you meet every day.

So, what's not to like about a positive attitude?

Don't wait another day, adopt one now!

A Great Compilation of Positive Attitude Quotes

Be Positive Now and Ever
Be Positive Now and Ever

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  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 5 years ago from Malaysia

    You are absolutely right! Thanks for your valuable comment.

  • bodylevive profile image

    BODYLEVIVE 5 years ago from Alabama, USA

    Positive thoughts go a long way in almost everything that we do. Too bad some of us are so wrapped up with the moment we don't see that we need a fine tune in the positive department.

  • profile image

    Helen Vaimoli 5 years ago

    One most thing to know about is, to not care what others have to say, thats all. Live Life Till The End of Time.

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 6 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks for the quote!

  • profile image

    Jen 6 years ago

    Positivity increases with a positve thought. A nice quote that always stays at the top of my mind and that goes like this: ‘The world is moved by highly motivated people, highly energetic folks, enthusiastic men and women who want to achieve something great and believe in greater aspirations.”

    You can check out daily thoughts at