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The Effectiveness Of The Sedona Method

Updated on June 2, 2014

The Sedona method is a technique that makes use of exclusive, influential yet straightforward tools that help you point out your own capability in overcoming painful and undesirable feelings and thoughts. With the help of this method, you can do whatever you like and be whoever you wish to be. There are basically four simple questions you need to answer to see the effectiveness of this method. Listed below are the four direct questions.

Can you come to terms with the emotion you are feeling at the given moment?

When you are in conflict, suppressing your feelings and fighting them will not help you find closure and the unpleasant condition will worsen. It does not matter if you can or not, just don't over-think the answer and be spontaneous instead. Irrespective of a yes or no, the question aims at seeing how eager you are in confronting yourself.

Is it possible for you to let this emotion fade, even if it is just for the time being?

Like the above question, this one too has no ideal answer. Make use of your freedom to choose and answer spontaneously. Terms like stress and anger are abstract but their physical manifestations are easier to point out - like the tightening of the throat and the heating up of the face. The physical manifestations are also a lot easier to let go than the emotion so let go of the uncomfortable sensation so you can bring yourself together and eventually resolve the problem.

Would you be willing to let go of the emotion?

A spontaneous answer is all that is required of you again - the focus being on what you really want and not on what you can eventually manage to do.

When would you really let it slide?

This question helps to realize in what state you are in currently. You may want to let it go now or later or even never but it helps you realize if you want the change to come through right away or later. Regardless of what your answer is, you come to accept that change is possible.

Why the Sedona Method
With the help of this method, you can find a resolution to fantasies that build pressure, convictions that constrain you and thoughts that make you unhappy because directly or indirectly, all these facets are connected to your emotions and how you feel. Use this method so you can let go of your undesired feelings at the earliest and restore a wishful state of mind soon.

With time, humans lose the natural ability to let go of feelings, allowing themselves to delve in the state repeatedly or replay them over and over again. This leads to us bottle up these emotions or begin to live in denial. Just think about how much better you could feel if you just did not have the burden of these feelings within your system. Thus the Sedona method can be utilized by those who have been bogged down with such unhappy concerns so they can soon be happy again.


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