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The Essence of Emotional Health

Updated on November 20, 2013

The Essence of Emotional Health

The essence of emotional health is a balanced inner world. One who experiences a balanced inner world calmly handles situations that arise with a steady, confident manner respecting self and others, allowing for space to create solutions. A balanced person is also someone who can self-protect and knows when to leave a situation. When you feel as if someone is reaching into your energy field, trying to change you or make you wrong, state the fact. Call attention to what is happening, not why, for why is speculative. Clearly state your boundaries, your feelings, and your position - whether you choose to leave the discussion permanently or whether you would like some time and space before you respond.

A healthy minded person is observant to the present moment to the exclusion of other events. If you are thinking of things that happened yesterday or conversations you had last week, and you're worrying about them or future events, it means you are not present. If you are not completely present, you will be responding to forces in your environment, instead of setting the tone of your experience. The present is where are the gifts are. When you are engaged with the present, you can handle everything to the best of your ability. Who is in control? Are you?

Too many times we overlook the value of our emotional responses because they can feel uncomfortable. They are making themselves known to us. Are they causing comfort or discomfort? Addressing our emotions is easier than we have been told. Imagine you react to a situation in a conversation, and find yourself holding the feeling of something uncomfortable. You're out of alignment. Go to a private place and feel the feeling that has risen to your attention. What is there? What does it signal you about? What is the message? What is the root?

If you feel you need some YOU work, great! Those who work on themselves daily are often the most healthy, the pillars of our society. Take the challenge to know more.

Imagine your uprising emotion as a bubble within your body. Breathe into the space you feel its holding. Trace its outline with light and bring its message into your awareness. Or just ask it some questions. Use your breathe. Give yourself some time to feel. If you cry, use a tissue and keep going. Visualize the bubble and know you are going to walk through it. You may unravel any lies you've been telling yourself about yourself or your life. What is the truth of it? As you walk through, you will feel the energetic scarring tear open and it may be painful. Tears may flood you, or emotion overcome you. Let it happen. Then, as you continue through it, the bubble will burst and insights will flood you. A new awareness, a new awakening will dawn and you will realize this new information was waiting on the other side all along.

Take the information and trust it. Thank yourself for focusing your attention on you. Commend yourself for sitting with emotion in order to release it. Applaud yourself for taking responsibility. Enjoy the journey of getting to know all of yourself. You will Amazed.

Cassandra Lea Wilson

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