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The Ethics of Healing

Updated on March 11, 2015

Modern healthcare has many facets. There are those who believe in Western medicine - with the use of medications, needles, knives and hospital visits, with all power to the doctor. There are some who believe in Eastern medicine with herbs, tinctures and a visit to Chinatown where sometimes animal parts are sold. Some people believe in alternative therapies with a visit to chiropractor for some bone snapping or to a naturopath for natural tinctures and pills. Some even more progressive types tout the benefits of energy healing.

I am an experienced energy worker and from my experience, I can tell you that energy healing works. But at what cost? After working with private clients for over two and a half years in my sessions room achieving remarkable results, I have learned a lot about the way energy moves. Although in light of what I have learned and after an evaluative overview of the work of myself and others in related fields, I have decided to change lanes.

The main reason I am changing course in the methodology of my healing work is because of the flaws in these disciplines listed as follows.The first and foremost is a risk to the patient/client him or herself – It is the act of turning one’s power over to another to complete sensitive personal work. Most people would agree that everything happens for a reason. When healing the body is taken over by another, what are the lessons learned? What is now known so that the same symptoms will not happen again?

Experiencing healing effects after the work done by another, dependence on the services of that other becomes strengthened. More appointments are set, more money is given, and the dependence further develops.Sometimes we need help. But when is too much?

Another factor in this process of making another responsible for our healing is body alienation. “What is this thing? What is this wound or pain? Take it from me at once!” The patient/client is further kept from the messages and lessons of one’s own body, enabling further ignorance.

Assuming we are dealing with only the most ethical of practitioners, let’s consider some other factors that relate to the quality of the healing. The primary need of the company are to keep clientele cycling so that fiscal needs of the company are met, methods of healing can become more complicated and appear complex. As Einstein has been quoted - If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

When costs mingle with healing, corruption can easily enter the equation. Thus, your healing becomes the means of control over you. As a result of the secrecy surrounding the real agenda, people are kept ignorant of their true potential for healing. Self – healing is a natural process, when one understands some basic principles. This is a simple fact that most doctors would agree to, if you ask one.

One final thought to consider is the overall health and well-being of the practitioner. There is currently a taboo around asking the doctor/healer about their personal life. All people go through transitions in life, and the genius of navigating them is being able to be open about the challenges we face and our methods for surmounting them. Have you ever asked your doctor/healer – Are you mentally well? Are you on medication? Are you going through a divorce? Are you depressed? How are you facing struggles in your own life? Who are your allies? Transparency therefore is necessary to even the playing field. When we do this, we will see that each of us has gifts and each of us has challenges. We are all equal. No one person has power over another. Each person must take responsibility for themselves.

When someone cuts their finger, in a manner of days it will heal itself completely. To help it along, we may clean the wound, cover it from dirt and dust, and take it easy on that part of our hand. Treatment is sometimes necessary.

Our bodies are equipped with natural healing capabilities so let’s take the mystery out of the equation and tune into ourselves. Cull forth from within, our natural gifts and abilities, strengthening them so that we may heal effectively. I know I want to feel ever better and have an enjoyable life.

It’s time for some change in the world of healing. We want better care, so who best to give it then ourselves. Let's work together to take the mystery out of Self-Healing. What are the steps toward self-healing? What are the steps toward emotional well-being? How can we feel better?

The first step in healing is in taking responsibility for you, yourself. And the second step is to learn some tools and techniques that connect you with your body so you can find the treasures inherent in yourself.

I have created my own self-healing techniques, and pulled from the massive array available now. My grab bag is packed full of simple solutions to problems. Let's share our knowledge as we re-associate with our body’s natural ability to heal itself. What is the best route on the road map to self-healing? How can we achieve accountable results in a dubious place of understanding? And the best part is that you do the healing your self, in your own body, within your own mind, healing emotional and physical wounds that are so in need of nurturing.

This road leads inevitably to spiritual healing as you develop and deepen your connection to the inner wealth of resources within you. I encourage others to join in this wonderous year of 2013 where so much is changing, I will be sharing more of my self-healing techniques with whomever is interested. Thank you for your undivided attention and continued support for the healing of humanity worldwide.

By: Cassandra Lea Wilson, The Horizon Centre.

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