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The Facts and Advantages of the Manual Elliptical Exercise Machines

Updated on July 15, 2011

The elliptical fitness machines are also called elliptical trainers; these fitness machines are very common these days and have replaced treadmills. An elliptical exercising machine is available in both domestic and commercial category for perfect body maintenance. The elliptical trainers provide low-impact workouts for all fitness scenarios. Using an elliptical machine for daily exercise will add an extra advantage to the fitness schedule. While working on elliptical exerciser, a person creates elliptical patterns with the pedals while holding ski poles of this machine which minimize the wear and tear of the muscle joints. The medium budget elliptical exercisers provide manual resistivity which helps in controlling the workouts. The medium priced elliptical exercisers are not very expensive and can be bought within $1000. These elliptical machines also include a full service onsite warranty from the manufacturer for limited period. In medium budget elliptical machines, there are no advance and specialized features like the expensive models and they are not much stable like the advance models.   

Advantages of the Manual Elliptical Exercise Machine

The manually operated elliptical machine does not require a perfect outlet or a stand for their operation. A user can directly start hopping on it after its installation but one have to understand its functions, if an elliptical machine has a digital calorimeter and timer it will require set of batteries to start its functioning. An elliptical machine can help in performing number of important exercises in various combinations. A calorimeter helps you to track down the level of calories burnt per workout. The elliptical machines help in doing whole body physical workout within short period of time. There is no age limit of using this machine, from a teenager to an oldie can simply use these machines for daily workouts. Many types of elliptical machines help in performing types cardiovascular exercises for a healthy living. For obese this machine can help in several weight loss programs as it accelerates the burning of fat while using these machines. This machine is very helpful to seniors as they can carry out their workout without putting stress on their joints which is not available in traditional exercisers.  

The Types of Manual Elliptical Machines that Work Best

There are many types of manual elliptical machines available in the market under several brands but before buying an elliptical machine there are many things which have to be considered like budget, area of fixing, machine’s programming functions, warranty etc. The common manual elliptical exercisers available are X350 elliptical trainer, stamina magnetic cross trainer 1772, Proform elliptical cross trainer, Vito XLS 350 elliptical trainers are very common machines available in this segment. All of these machines are manually operated and come with a short period warranty. These are very popular names in elliptical exercisers and are very easily available with sport accessory stores. Retail stores like Walmart, Kmart and Sears also have a segment which sells these elliptical machines.     

Handling of these elliptical exercisers is very important and needs a proper attention while using the knobs for on and off, adjustment of tension cable etc. These mechanical machines have more technical parts which have complex machinery which is difficult to repair. So instead of moving knob the use of buttons can make the work easier to attach the flywheels.              


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      5 years ago

      Thanks for posting this! I've been thinking about purchasing some sort of stationary cardio trainer for a while now and I think that I'm leaning towards getting a magnetic elliptical trainer because it will be easier on my knees in the long run.


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