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Feeling Sick? Flu? Try A Natural Alternative!

Updated on August 11, 2013

Nasty Virus

The flu is nasty. It has sweeps it's way through the elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and work places.

One particular virus starts out as a quiet little stomach or throat ache. Then, bam! It gets you. It immediately thereafter slams you with the highest fever you could imagine, and it doesn't go away!

One of many

Viral and Bacterial

The interesting thing I have seen in this latest epidemic (at least in my children's schools), is the fact that this starts out as viral and then more often than not turns into bacterial too. So the kids and everyone else unlucky enough to get this are attacked by both. Not pleasant.

Kicking It

I fought one of the nasty piggybacking flu virus/bacteria with all my herbal, vitamin (and everything else I could think of) knowledge. I share that knowledge with you in hopes that it may help you too.

In the beginning, at the onset of the attack, if you can be sure it is within 24 hours of your being infected, Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Medicine is the way to go. If you are past the 24th hour and you know you're in for it, then you need to bring out the big guns and fast.

Big Guns - Vitamin C

The main vitamin I recommend for fighting this is Vitamin C. This may sound like an obvious suggestion, but you'd be surprised at how many people overlook this simple and effective way of helping your body cope. Vitamin C has immune system boosters that can help immensely in the fight. I suggest starting out at 500 mgs daily. Non acidic Ester C absorbs best without the worry of bowel tolerance.

I would like to include Zinc here also, but after much consideration, I feel it is a tad too controversial. Many have had luck with Zinc lozenges, many have had nausea. I'll leave that decision up to the individual.


Big Guns - Herbs, etc.


Okay, I have to put up that lovely heading at the top. I am not stating any miracle cures here, I am not stating anti-viral, anti-bacterial, etc. The FDA frowns upon that sort of thing. I am simply stating these are the herbs that got our family back on our feet. That said, let us continue.

So, moving on to our herbal section of today's lesson in Big Guns Against the Flu: The Elderberry. This contains a lot of vitamin C naturally. It supports the immune system with strong free radical scavengers and aids in the fight superbly. There are numerous products containing Elderberry on the market, but I suggest getting organic to be sure of purity with all herbs and extracts.

Another potent herb to help along the way is Olive Leaf. You can get the extract for children (put it in a strong flavored juice as it is nasty tasting) glycerine based is best. The capsules work well for adults.

I cannot say enough about the next Big Gun. That is Grapefruit Seed Extract. Also nasty tasting, this stuff really worked for us. The liquid drops taste best in orange juice, only two to three drops a day. If you put a drop of this on your toothbrush, rinse the toothbrush lightly and brush with it once a day (tongue especially) during the hated flu attack, it seems to help keep the throat pain at bay. Bacteria and viruses love to hang out on the tongue, such a lovely, warm, moist environment to breed! Just make sure this extract goes nowhere near the eyes. Ouch!

Now we get to the old stand-bys: Echinacea and Goldenseal Root. These extracts can be purchased together in a liquid. Again, glycerin based is better for children, but in a pinch you can pour hot water over the drops to allow the alcohol in alcohol based extracts to evaporate.

Tho not an herb, the next item in combination with the above did keep the time frame of the whole attack to a minimum. Again, I wouldn't dare say this is a natural antibiotic, I'm just saying it helped us a whole lot. Colloidal Silver. Best at 500ppm strength, this mineral can make the difference between two weeks and 4 days duration, trust me. Three drops three times a day for children, five to seven drops for adults. Be sure this is added to a full glass of water for maximum absorbtion. There is almost no taste at all.



These are all fantastic "supplements" you can use to help you lessen the pain of this flu virus with bacterial tendencies! I'm going to call them "supplements". Yes, that is what I'm calling them. (However, I would suggest much more research for those interested in Alternative medicine.)

There are a myriad of ways out there to fight the good fight against the flu. I have placed only a few here but I hope I have helped some of you bring both the severity and the duration of this latest nasty "viruteria" to a manageable level with this information.

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