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The Four Best Back Building Exercises

Updated on October 22, 2013

Why we need to build a strong back?

Humans have to put lots of effort while doing their daily work routine, be it at home or at a work place. The effort that humans put while doing any task takes a big toll on their body especially their back. Almost all the body parts are required to carry out a simple task but back is the most essential component of a human body. It is essential to have a very strong back because every activity that a human-being does requires its involvement.

If the back is not strong then one cannot work for long hours in the office. There are times when we have to lift heavy weight at home while some do that at work place, in both the cases a very strong back is essential or else the task of lifting cannot be accomplished.

Let us check the four best back building exercises:


The lower back bears the brunt of all kinds of work that we do at home or at work place. Lower back is the most important part of a human system. A strong lower back will allow you to do everything with ease and without any discomfort.

To make your lower back strong and muscular you should do deadlifts. For muscle building, heavy deadlifts should be done because it is the most complete weight training that you can do for building a strong lower back.


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Rope Pulls

If you want to make your back strong like a bodybuilder than go for rope pulls. This is one of the advance technique used by bodybuilders for building a very strong back. By doing rope pulls you can work on all the lats muscles. Isolating the serratus muscle becomes very easy by doing this exercise.



For building a very strong back you need to have a strong upper back. To make your upper back strong you should always do chin-up exercise routine by using the overhead bar. By doing this exercise you can make your upper back strong as well as wide, for this use wide and close grip on the overhead bar. By doing chin-ups you can strengthen your shoulder girdle and build strong upper lats.

Bent over Barbell rows

If you want to strengthen your upper back and develop muscles than you should go for bent over barbell rows. By doing this exercise you can build very large and strong muscle mass. So go for it without having any second thought.


Are they going to work for me?

Of course, the above mentioned four exercises are the best for strengthening your upper and lower back but remember you should always workout under the supervision of a certified fitness trainer to avoid injuries.

Nothing can be achieved overnight. You need to put your time and effort to gain that strong back which you are desperately looking for. So go for the above mentioned exercises right now.

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