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The Gift to heal

Updated on February 8, 2015

Spiritual Healing

The Call to Heal.

Since 1987 my fascination with alternate medicine began. My journey began with my extraordinary experience described by one psychiatrist as a spiritual experience, and by another as a phenomenon known to have happened to many individuals before with no plausible reason.

From this experience I learnt that I have a very strong energy field which when transfer from my hands can result in the reduction of pain and accelerated healing of open wounds.

How did I come on this knowledge? April 1987 during Easter starting Holy Thursday the experience began. During that month many experiences produce themselves in which I was touching individuals who came to me for no apparent reason but to complain of their pain, swollen joints and to show me their open wounds. I had no reservation whatsoever of touching these individuals and dressing their wounds with what was available, for most time it was just boiled water with a little salt.

I also massaged the pains and swollen joints using any oil or body lotion these were only used to reduce friction it did not really matter what I used. The results were, all reported that the pain or swelling went away and the wounds healed without doing anything else to them.

Many would say I should have capitalized on this that many called a gift, I did not I actually got scared.

Scared of the experience that brought the enlightenment and scared of what people would think. Instead I sought the help of medical doctors who actually did not know what medication to give me. I sought the help of spiritual healers who saw nothing wrong and ask me instead to come and work with them I got even more scared and refused.

I decided that since I could possibly have healing hands I would learn massage therapy, so I obtained certificates in sport injury massage, reflexology, and Swedish massage and read up on therapeutic touch. I actually trained some young ladies, set up a massage room and put up a sign.

However the ladies I trained got jobs before I was ready. Before I did one single person the back of my hand became so swollen and no matter what I did or the medication I took they did help in reducing the swelling and the pain they just would not go. Finding I could not use my hands, I abandon the whole massage project and continue to live my ordinary life as a teacher fed up with my hands I stop taking medications and ignore it and not long after my hand were completely restored.

In the quite meditative times I reflected on the experience that led me on this journey and remember that I was given the command to” Go out and heal the world, no charge, touch, read, speak, write.”

My poetry Journey

I started writing poetry in 2002 when a friend encouraged me. She said I had so much in me that could be of benefit to others. I actually told her I do not know how to write poetry but she said it does not matter I should just write. I wrote the first poem “Sitting Here “one Sunday while sitting under a hair dryer and surprised myself for I did not know why I wrote it because these thoughts were not on my mind one bit.

Sitting Here

And I sit here knowing that

These are hard times,

These are the times designed to

Bring out the steel in me,

What about your steel

The inner man,

Will these hard times

Bend and break your steel?

Or will they straighten it

As an arrow?

Sending it to heights beyond

Where no man can touch it,

Where only the almighty can direct it

To love to give of self,

To strengthen the steel of your brother

The steel of your sister as they

Entwine in strength and in unity

Copyright @2005 Soycriada

Juliet Christie Murray

It was like a miracle happened and a flood gate opened and I was writing poems that by 2003 I had finished my first collection of poems and was encouraged by many to published it because they needed copies . Thus was the birth of my first Anthology Journey To Enlightenment-Revealed. This started my internet journey as I began searching for publishers .I came across a few traditional ones but they were taking too long to reply and it was like an immediate urgency took hold of me and said “now”. So I opted for self publishing.

In my effort to advertise the book I starting scouting for free opportunities. I learned how to build a website with Site build it and opened my website, Specular-Jamaica then sought whatever means I could to draw attention to the book. I have since then published volume two Journey to Enlightenment –seasons.and volume 3 is in the archive to be published

The intriguing thing in all of this I am not making any money from these. Not to blow my own trumpet but the books are really very good. Now I ask myself am I on the wrong track, I remember the messenger distinctly said “Go out and heal the world , no charge, touch ,speak read write.” Could it be the real thing?

Healing Hands

I started to realize that something was happening in 1987 when one night I got a spiritual messenger by way of a dream. I that dreamt I was given a bottle of some liquid to minister in the home of a relative. I was also healing individuals who were dying. When I awoke the morning I was different. I knew I felt a silent power and I had no fear.

If an individual came near me who was ill in body or spirit I was able to give some form of encouragement and suggests some form of home remedy. Not too long ago a friend who resides in Canada said” You know anytime I am feeling ill if I call and speak to you on the phone I feel much better after, so if I am feeling ill the first person who comes to my mind is you”.

My family always makes fun remarks about our dogs. If they got a cut or they were not feeling well they would come to me. No matter how cross I get with them when they are ill they find me. They never approach any other family member. Here is a poem describing a unique experience with one on my dogs.

The Fight

He left two nights before,

The girls came calling,

He returned sick unto death,


So were the others.

He will not die!

He must not die!

I will not stand by and not try

Although from the doctor I stayed shy,

Surely he will not die.

Half bottle of expectorant.

Ten drops of iodine this night,


Canadian Healing Oil,

You will not die.

Open your mouth and drink this milk,

Take these two spoons of tonic,

Swallow this water, salt and iodine,

Add to these some good lamp oil.

Why do you bother to try?

When all his other friends have died?

From such poisoning there is no return,

Continue to medicate if you wish,

But he must prepare to die.

Ten days have past,

And he hasn’t taken a bite,

But faith, hope

And perseverance ignite

Oh! He has won this fight!

He lives!

He lives!

He lives at last!

My dog

Simba lives.

Copyright 2005@soycriada

Author :( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray


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    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 9 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Thank you all for your positive words.

    • Arian Won profile image

      Arian Won 9 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Wonderful story Juliet, I really enjoyed reading it. Being able to touch lives in a positive way is a lost art today.

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 9 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      It's lovely that you are also sharing your story about your gift :) Keep on touching lives...

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 9 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      I love and believe in all of what you say!! You go girl! Blessings to you and your gift!! Keep me in you prayers please!!!!