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The Golden Rules to Maintain a Balanced Cholesterol Level

Updated on November 11, 2016
Have a healthy heart with a balanced diet and a balanced cholesterol level.
Have a healthy heart with a balanced diet and a balanced cholesterol level.

Our heart is precious, I believe that. How about you? Are you going to ruin this part of your body or keep it healthy instead? There are many ways to keep our heart healthy in order for us to live a happier life. I do not want to die from cardiac arrest or any kinds of heart diseases. I also do not want to die because of cancer. Well, in short, I want to live a longer life and witness how my kids will grow. I event wanted to see my grandchildren if God will permit me so.

Anyway, my article will not be talking about ways or secrets on how to die (just joking a bit here to change the mood). I will be sharing the most noteworthy of all the many ways to maintain a balanced cholesterol level with cholesterol supplements and low cholesterol habits.

Exercise regularly to lower your cholesterol levels.
Exercise regularly to lower your cholesterol levels.

Change your Lifestyle

If you are used to staying home most of the time or is contained inside your four walled office (like me) all hours of the day, then it is time that you change your lifestyle or simply do a twist and integrate these simple ways to live a healthier life.

Exercise Regularly

There are many ways to exercise regularly even if you are the busiest person in the world. I have already seen and viewed articles (step-by-step guides) and videos that will only take 10-15 minutes of your time and do some exercise to improve your cholesterol level. You can progress to 30-60 minutes daily in the future. Just a brisk walk, simple stretching or jumping, or yoga can do the trick.

Plan now on how you can quit smoking.
Plan now on how you can quit smoking.

Minimize Alcohol Intake and Quit Smoking

Yes, red wines are among those beverages recommended for a healthier heart but once abused will harm your body without you even noticing. Wines are mild drinks though, so how about if you take in hard liquors almost every day after work? Isn’t that more harmful to your health? Minimize your alcohol intake, that’s it and you will be fine.

Another big issue is smoking. Quit smoking! Caffeine is definitely a no-no if you are aiming to lower your cholesterol level. Even if you are taking in cholesterol supplements or eating foods with plant sterols when you are smoking more than once a day, then everything will be useless. Aside from its harm to the heart, we are also aware of its other bad effects to the body. It is yours to decide. Have a maintained cholesterol level or die because of caffeine’s side effects?

If others can, why can't we?
If others can, why can't we?

Lose Weight and Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Do your homework and check your physician regularly. If he tells you, you are overweight and you need to lose weight then do so. I know how hard it is to keep away from the temptation of YUMMY foods but if you are serious in achieving a healthier body then do something BIG for yourself rather than getting it more fats. If you have no access to healthy foods because you are in a workplace where there is no accessible fruits and vegetables to eat then you can buy some plant sterols supplement. There are a lot of brands which can be purchased online and you might want to check British Supplements product through this link: ;. You can also set aside time to prepare healthy juices for lose weight at home and bring them with you at the office.

Live by the Rules

Thanks for reading up to this part. So, if you are really into keeping your heart healthy then follow these easy and simple ways NOW! Once you started it, be consistent and live by your rules. If you liked this information then kindly leave your comments below. By the way, don’t forget to follow me for more interesting sets of new learning.


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