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The Good About Protein And Nutrition In Biotrust

Updated on November 8, 2016

Check Out Biotrust Yourself


What Is Biotrust About?

Well, it has nutritional support and products for:

Fat Loss (Healthy fat loss)

Muscle Building

Overall Well Being And Health


Protein (The really good kind)

Keep reading to find out more about all these wonderful products.


You CAN Eat Before Bed - Make Right Choices

Did you know that NOT everything you eat after 7:30 pm will actually be deposited to your: Butt, Love Handles or Tummy!

Some foods you eat in the evening could actually go towards fat loss..

The Secret? Stay away from carbohydrates and lean towards good quality protein.
Carbohydrate consumption causes significant rise in the storage hormone insulin, which also puts the breaks on fat-burning. That's a recipe for disaster in the late evening hours as your metabolism is winding down, but fortunately, slow-digesting protein isn't.

Here Are A Few Before Bed Snacks:
1. White (Not Red Or Fish) Meat Protein - Like chicken or turkey. These are great before bed choices. It has to do with digestion and insulin and carbs....

2. Cottage Cheese - This protein digests very slowly. Also, it digests in such a way that it helps manage your sugar process. Just don't get the flavored ones that are high in sugars.

3. YES To Green Vegetables - These are great, they are not protein, but they have such low calories, and they can help feed your sugar cravings. Also, they can make a great addition to any of these other choices.

4. My Favorite: Slow Digesting And HIGH Good Protein Shake- You could even add some almond butter for added healthy fats and even more flavor. BioTrust protein is an excellent quality, slow release, low carb protein choice.

Cabbage - A Cruciferous Vegetable

These Are Life Altering Vegetables

There is a specific group or family of vegetables that have the power for fat-fighting and for health-boosting benefits. More than ANY othe vegetables? Yes, it's true ! These are known ad cruciferous vegetables, and I am sure you must have heard of these before.

Kale,Broccoli,Cauliflower,Brussels Sprouts,Rutabaga,Cabbage,Bok Choy,Swiss Chard,Turnips,Arugula,Collard Greens,Watercress,Radishes.

And what are the benefits?
#1 - Digestion, they fill you up, and this helps for weight loss! Cruciferous vegetables contain a lot of fiber --.
#2 - Helps get rid of belly fat! Cruciferous vegetables have the ability to fight against dietary and also environmental estrogens that we are exposed to. time!
#3 - They help you have more of a "gut health" A healthier gut and intestine means a better immunity to disease.
#4 - Anti-aging! Cruciferous vegetables have lots of antioxidants and this can help you live longer and healthier life


Low Carb Is Essential In Proteins For Sugar And Weight Loss

Biotrust is a low carb protein, unlike many other proteins that have a high sugar / carb count. This protein powder contains a 25-25-25-25 blend. This consists of:
25 % micellar casein,

25% milk protein concentrate,

25% whey protein isolate,

25% whey protein concentrate.

This protein is so much more than just a simple, la ow-absorbing,and an insulin-spiking whey-protein.

Check out this whole article here: Low Carb Protein Powder

Some Yummy Protein Sources

Great For A Snack, For Breakfast On Run
Great For A Snack, For Breakfast On Run | Source

10 Protein Sources To Help With Your Meal Plans

If you are like me, a diabetic, you know the need for protein at every meal and snack. That is the hardest part for me, to fit in the protein, and make it enjoyable. I am not really an avid meat eater, so this list really helps me. Or, you you may just feel like change of pace to your meals, and get away from the good old chicken breast and ground beef.

So, rev up your diet and liven up those taste buds because here is a list of 10 other protein sources including meat and non meat choices. You can start mixing up your meals and meal plans for the week.

1. Eggs - Yes, you can eat the whole egg, you do not need to just eat the egg white. That yolk is the most nutritional part of the egg, the egg white is pure protein. As a matter of fact in Germany they use the word "egg white" TO MEAN PROTEIN.

2. Shrimp - These are great for appetizers of course, and delicious in stir fries. Serve them up more often, they really are so easy.

3. Salmon - A delicious fish that is full of protein, and that oh so important omega 3 for fatty acids.

4. Greek Yogurt - I love Greek Yoghurt. Greek yogurt serves you twice the protein, and sometimes even 3 to 4 times that of regular yogurt. To go easy on the sugar (WHICH CAN BE A LOT), use the plain and sweeten yourself, like with fruit or truvia.

5. Ground Turkey - Great for chilli alternative. Not my favorite, but hey, it might work for you.

6. Pork - YES, pork is the other white meat, and it is just as lean as chicken when you get the right cut, and it is so delicious.

7. Chicken Sausage - This is a great alternative if you want the protein without all the fat, and yes, most of us do want that.

8. Beans - Lets see, there are: black beans, and kidney beans, and red beans, and navy beans, and black eyed peas, and then there are lentils and quinoa. And with the internet you will be able to find a meal that your family will love.

9. Bison - Incredibly lean, tons of protein. Great for you meat eaters, not so much for me!
10. Grass-fed Beef - This is a very good and healthy choice of protein. And, grass fed beef has omega 3!! Yes, a land omega 3.

Insulin Resistance Buster Biotrust IC5


Get The Facts About Insulin Resistance

Of course, this is a very simplistic explanation, but you can just Google insulin sensitivity and get some great information on the net.

For instance check out on the NIH site, an article called:
Understanding Insulin Sensitivity and Diabetes

Insulin Resistance And Carbs

Hey, I am sure you have heard, over and over again that carbs are bad, you have to cut them out to control your insulin and blood sugars and lose weight, right? Well, the carbs that are highly processed, like refined sugars, white flours sure are bad for you. And, we do eat way to many of them, especially if you are into fast foods, or processed foods.

Insulin is the hormone that deals and processes our carbs and sugars.
And insulin's job is to manage your blood sugar and keep it at bay, quickly clear it out of your bloodstream after you eat a full carbohydrate meal, then to shuttle that blood sugar to your muscle tissue into energy and not into fat cells.

Most of us have heard of insulin resistance. That means, in layman's term that the insulin is no longer able to do it's job, the cells have been so inundated with carbs that they are closing their doors and turning their backs on insulin .
And then, your sugars are floating around your blood stream, and being turned into fats. This can also lead to Diabetes ll.

And of course, diabetes brings with it a whole bunch of diseases and health conditions.

What we want our bodies to do is:

1. We want a minimum of insulin to be released, not the maximum.

2. We want the insulin to quickly and efficiently get rid of blood sugar.

4. We want a minimum of fat storage to take place. When our cells are receiving insulin again, and not being insulin sensitive, then insulin can do it's job and not turn sugar into fats, but rather turn it into energy instead.

Simply put, your body's ability to process the carbohydrates you eat all comes down to your insulin sensitivity and your body's ability to quickly and efficiently clear sugar from your blood.

Foods You Want To Eat And Count

Protein High, Low Carbs/Calories
Protein High, Low Carbs/Calories | Source

Eating Healthy And Still Gaining Weight?

There are a lot of dieters out there, wondering why they are not losing weight when they believe that they are eating healthy.

Of course, quality matters, and so does quantity, and it is so possible to eat healthy foods, and still eat too many calories. For a long time this was my problem. Even healthy foods can cause weight gain if you eat too much.

Here are some high calorie, but considered healthy foods:

1. Granola - the granola cereals or snacks are extremely high in calories, and if they have lots of nuts can be as high as 500 calories per cup!

2. Pasta - this is a real killer, I know. A medium serving of 1 1/2 cups can be as much as 350 calories and 60grams of carbs!

3. Avocado - avocado really is awesome and it is a superior source of monounsaturated fat, and yet, unfortunately, one avocado is more then 300 calories and a whopping 30 grams of good fat

4. Nuts and also Nut Butters - these are extremely healthy, however, they are one of the highest calorie foods around. Just a couple of ounces could go up as high as 400 or more calories

5. And then there is the now very popular Fruit Juice and /or Smoothies - almost everyone who is healthy are making smoothies. Smoothies and fruit juices are extremely high in calories and sugars.

6. Dried Fruit - these are fruits with the water removed and are very high in calories and sugar content.

7. "Breads Whole Wheat And Full Grains- You need to read each label for each slice of bread. Some are great, others are very high in carbs and calories. Bagels are totally loaded with sugars, and carbs and can easily be 400 calories, naked!

You have to get to know not only the health value, but also the carb value and the fat value and the sugar value... too much of these and you will gain lots of weight eating healthy foods.

Portion is the secret!

Protein Review And Smoothie Recipe

Read More Facts

Bacteria's connection to health and weight according to:
Jennifer Nelson, M.S., R.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D.

We can't see bacteria..Bacteria is usually viewed as undesireable or dirty and is usually unwanted.
More research shows, however, the potential benefits of gut bacteria. Actually, bacteria are critical to maintaining normal gastrointestinal and immune system function.

Our whole Gut, Digestive System

Gut Fungus
Gut Fungus
Gut Bacteria
Gut Bacteria

The Good And The Bad Bacteria In Out Gut

Let's take a good look at your innermost organ, -- your gut.

Your gut's sole purpose is NOT only to digest food. That is way oversimplified. Unfortunately because we ignore much of our gut's purpose many suffer from weight gain, sickness, diabetes and more.
Your gut is actually home to approximately 80% of your whole immune system. The gut is where food nutrition is being transported to your organs.

The human gastrointestinal tract includes: the stomach and the intestine, and also including the structures that are from the mouth and to the anus.
Your gut actually comprises of about 100 TRILLION living bacteria.
And one of the greatest and healthiest challenge you have is to keep a high ratio of good bacteria to the bad bacteria!

Probiotics, or the good bacteria have been linked by many research studies to good health and longer life. Bad bacteria on the other hand are the beginning of most of the diseases of mankind today.
Read this article: The EXTREME Need For ProBiotics And Fighting Disease And Claiming Back Health

Could you be experiencing some of these advanced symptoms that your intestinal bacterial balance may be out of control?

• Gas and bloating, • Constipation and/or diarrhea, • Acid reflux, • Skin problems, • Overall sickness, • Headaches, • Urinary tract infections,
• Trouble sleeping, • An inability to lose weight, • Sugar cravings.

Your best ratio between the “good” to the “bad” bacteria should be 85% to 15%, or in other words, it should be 9 to 1.
Our lifestyle and environment often are to blame for the huge imbalance many of us have with our bacteria.

We need to start thinking and doing something to help us get back to the good balance in our gut!

Protein Fibre No Wheat No Gluten COOKIES

Cookies For Breakfast And Snacks? Absolutely YES

Hey, I have a secret way for you to be able to eat cookies for breakfast, and they are good for you!

Check them out here Biotrust Nutrition Awesome Tasting Cookies
This is what I mean...
So many of us are always in a hurry in the morning, and always looking for something quick, delicious and healthy to eat. And, it has to have lots of fibre and protein, especially if you have diabetes.

And, protein in the morning helps you feel good, and full for longer than if you leave it out and eat only carbs.
Biotrust has some amazing protein cookies that are great for breakfast, and for snacks. And they have just the right balance of everything you need.
These cookies are great if you are on a weight loss diet too.

Just check out what they are made of here, and why they are good for you:
• 12 grams of a high-quality,and, very important, time-released protein, which includes the very high standard protein called Micellar Casein. These proteins are certified to be antibiotic and hormone free. They use the best!
• And this is great if you are on a diet, they are Just 150 calories, this is less than your regular bowl of cereal with milk with fewer carbs and more protein to boot.
• And, if you are on a wheat or gluten free diet, they have no wheat, no gluten, no soy and absolutely no trans fats, and one more: they are non-GMO. And yes, they taste awesome too.
• They have 5g to 6g of fiber, this includes the fiber inulin, a special pre biotic fiber that helps your digestion, good bacteria and weight loss.

Of course you have figured out that they are all natural! And, they come in various flavors, including the favorites of oatmeal and chocolate!

What Are Proteins-What Do Proteins Do

Protein Function
Protein Function | Source

Shows You How You Can Improve Your Carb Digestion


The information on this Hub is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your doctor.


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