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The Healing Energy of Crystals

Updated on January 2, 2017

Crystals: A New Age for Science and Health Care

The ability of crystals to have healing effects on the human body is not a new discovery, but a re-discovery of ancient understanding that is now being re-explored, and accepted, by the scientific community. Scientist have been able to break down the components that make up each crystal, creating a better understanding of why they have this ability, as well as to harvest these capabilities.

Quartz, one of the most abundant crystals found on the earth, is made up of 46 % silicon and 53 % oxygen. Through experimentation scientists discovered that quartz has the ability to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. It can also do the reverse. The phenomenon was given the title”the piezoelectric effect”.

Within healthcare settings CT scanners and Ultrasounds function because of the properties that crystals hold. Science has been able to replicate quartz crystals and create the exact size and shapes needed for these diagnostic machines. Certain ultrasound equipment can also be used to break up kidney or gallbladder stones, allowing for treatment that does not require cutting n to your body.


How Crystals are Formed

Quartz, is one of the most abundant crystals found on the earth but there are literally thousands of different types of crystals. Some are found in only specific parts of the world which is why certain “mines” are found in particular areas.

Each type of crystal has a unique chemical content and shape (hexagonal, cubic, monoclinic, triclinic, tetragonal, or orthorhombic). In an environment where water is rich in silica the formation of Amethyst may occur. If on the other hand the water was rich in copper, turquoise may form instead. The creation of Emeralds results from water created by cooling magma. Rubies and Topaz are formed within volcanic rocks, whereas Peridot and Diamonds are formed deep within the earth’s mantle.

The elements of time (often hundreds of years), pressure, temperature, and location ultimately are responsible for the type of crystal that will be formed.


The Science Behind the Healing Properties

In the 1800’s scientists discovered that quartz crystal had the ability to concentrate and convert electrical energy to mechanical energy., and vice versa. The phenomenon was given the title”the piezoelectric effect”. This discovery opened the door for such inventions as computer chips, watch face displays, radio, sonar, and CT scanners.

Quartz crystals respond to energy.They can manipulate, transform, and realign as necessary our energy fields so that they maintain clearer paths.

The human body is made of energy, it can create its own energy, and even respond to outside sources of energy. These two facts have allowed for the use of quartz in diagnostic equipment, such as CT scanners.

Quartz crystals are also used in radios. They have the ability to direct and realign radio signals to produce clearer, more precise, and “in tune” signals, allowing people to be able to hear more clear, more discernible, music or voices.

Many other crystals have been scientifically proven to contain minute particles of other chemicals which can affect the human body.

Take for instance the crystal Kunzite; it contains a substance known as lithium, a drug prescribed by doctors in the treatment of certain types of depression and bi-polar disorders.

Copper is another example. This mineral has been shown to have therapeutic effects on inflammation and swelling. This is why many people who suffer from arthritis wear copper rings or bracelets.


Some Science Facts

Scientists, from Einstein to modern day quantum physicists, have concluded that there is an energy field that surrounds all living things, and all objects, and each energy field affects and interacts with every other energy field.

A phenomenon called a “bioscalar wave” occurs when two energy fields interact with each other from different angles. The affect is that they counteract each other, thereby reverting the fields to a “static state”. This “standing” wave can effect body tissues at a microscopic level, affecting cellular energy, By so doing many crystals have been shown to have the ability to enhance the body’s immune system (Kalon Prensky). This wave is also capable of carrying information.

These waves can also affect the body's endocrine system, stabilizing chemical processes, as well as influence the bio-magnetic fields.

Whether you are still skeptical or not regarding a crystals ability to affect the human body you cannot deny what science has proven to be true. This new science, quantum physics, is turning older beliefs regarding health and health care upside down.

You are not alone in your skepticism; many older scientists, who have spent their entire lives thinking one way, are having a hard time grasping these new facts, but they are indeed facts. And facts are facts.

Science has proven what mystics and healers have known for many thousands of years, that the energies of the universe and every living thing in it, can connect with, vibrate at the same frequency of, and co-create with every other “thing” throughout the universe,

Crystals / gemstones do have the capability to heal, to realign, and to strengthen the human body.

Resources to Explore

If you would like to explore more in-depth about crystals here are a few sites that can help you better understand the science behind their power

Crystals from a kids point of view

Live Science view on crystal healing

Delve deeper in to the mystery of bioscalar waves

More on the piezoelectric effect of crystals


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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      22 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Excellent hub about crystals! I agree that crystals have healing energy. This can be explained through scientific reasons as you have done above. But it is a bit difficult to identify the pure crystals from the many that are available in stores.

      You made some very valuable points about crystals.

      Thanks for sharing this informative hub!


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