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The Healing Properties of the Dead Sea

Updated on June 19, 2016

The Dead Sea

The Healing Properties of the Dead Sea

People, from all over world flock to the Dead Sea every year to find relief and aid from their various skin disorders and health problems. For centuries, the Dead Sea has been known for its healing properties and the salt from it has been used for its spa treatments. Even the great Cleopatra was known for her beauty used the magical salt derived from the Dead Sea for enhancing and maintaining her beauty.

Dead Sea salt refers to the salt that has been extracted from the Dead Sea. The legendary Sea's mineral differs from the salt of ocean water, and interestingly enough, it also changes with season, rain, temperature and depth. The main difference is that the salt in most oceans is almost 100% sodium chloride while the Dead Sea salt only has a 12-18 sodium chloride percentage.

Not only is the salt beneficial for the skin but the mud is remarkably helpful. The compounds that are used in the Dead Sea salt are acquired from the mud. The mud is full of mineral-rich properties resourced from the streams that runoff into the sea. Large deposits of the blackish-gray mud were brought in during the era which is known as “Holocene”. The Holocene is the name that was given to the last 11,700 years of the Earth's history. It is also known to be the time since the end of the little ice age. There have been some smaller climate shifts between about 1200 and 1700 A.D. In general, the Holocene has been a somewhat warm period amid the ice ages.

There have been many known health benefits and success stories from using the salts obtained from the Dead Sea. In addition, many studies have been carried out on the amazing health benefits obtained from bathing in the Dead Sea salts. Health problems such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and psoriasis are only a few conditions that the salt has shown success with healing and relief to the suffering patients. Bathing for only 20 minutes twice daily is typically the recommendation and it should be done in increments, before getting sun exposure. With skin conditions these particular instructions need to be factored in and the patients should have a medical exam before the treatment. The Dead Sea water treatment that doctors prescribe has no reported side effects, since it is natural unlike many other pharmaceutical drugs and treatments.

The Dead Sea has many healing benefits. In addition is an interesting place and a highly recommended place to travel to.


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