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The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar You May Not Be Aware Of

Updated on September 22, 2014

Apple Cider--The Wonder Vinegar

What are the health benefits of apple cider? There is a great chance that in your kitchen, one would find a clear bottle of sparkling apple cider. Some call it the “wonder vinegar”, with its numerous uses, such as using it to marinate fish, chicken, and meat. Perhaps most, if not all, salad dressings may contain apple cider vinegar. Some add a drop or two of the vinegar with every helping, conscious of its healing properties.

Living up to its name, the countless purposes of this “wonder vinegar” has been around for centuries. Besides dressing salads, we’ve used it to polish silver, make pickles, and kill weeds. In addition, ancient folk remedy claims it as a healthy tonic, a ‘cure for almost everything”, beneficial to numerous conditions, ailments, and annoyances, such as washing “toxins” from the body and reversing aging.

Recently, apple cider has found its way into both the condiment aisle of the supermarket as well as the health supplement section. Though the folk medicine claims of apple cider remain unproven, and for some, even disproved such as for example, the claim of getting rid of lice and even warts, there have been a few medical research to support much of the claims.

Also known as cider vinegar, apple cider vinegar relieves arthritis pain and is also a tonic for dandruff when combined with honey. Reportedly, this vinegar can also remove facial dead skin and be used as a natural exfoliant. In order to remove bacteria from vegetables and fruits, a solution of apple cider vinegar, baking soda and water can be used.

Besides these, there are a few health benefits of apple cider vinegar for more serious conditions that makes it a good idea to give this product a try.


Among the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, the effect of its presence on blood sugar levels has been researched the most and is perhaps the most promising. There have been several studies that discovered that glucose levels were lowered by 4 to 6% for type 2 diabetes subjects.


One study found that with esophageal cancer, there was a decreased risk of cancer when apple cider vinegar was taken regularly. However, laboratory studies showed that vinegar actually may kill or decrease the growth of carcinogenic cells.


Vinegar has been used for weight loss for centuries, perhaps attributing to the fact that vinegar helps one feel full. Leaning more towards satiety of appetite, a study of 12 people in 2005 concluded that subjects who ate bread alone were less full or satisfied than the subjects who consumed bread dipped in vinegar.

Blood Pressure

One of the health benefits of apple cider may be lowering high blood pressure, supported by a study involving rats. Another large observational study discovered a lower rate of heart disease on subjects who consumed oil and vinegar on salads almost daily.

Knowing all the possible health benefits of apple cider may give you a new alternative to your disease that you have not tried in the past.


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    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      My daily rituals include a tablespoon of ACV on my very first glass of water in the morning. Then, I'd give myself a break for a month and go with the cycle again. It helps wash away the toxins and helps my skin glow. I just love the magic of ACV.

      Good healthy hub; will share. Thanks.

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 5 years ago

      Dave, my husband, and I both take apple cider vinegar capsules every morning. One of its benefits is reducing the cholesterol level in your body. Thank you for all the other pointers, which I was not aware of. Up, interesting and useful!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I always like to learn about health benefits of simple products we use. I have known about the health benefits of cider vinegar, but I learned a few new things. Thanks for sharing and voting UP.