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The Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice & Dried Cranberries, and How to Dry Cranberries

Updated on November 3, 2014

Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice Can Help Fight Diseases

Many of the health benefits of cranberry juice can be helpful in reducing the risks of various diseases, as well as alleviating the symptoms of medical other conditions. But it is important to purchase cranberry juice that is 100% juice, and contains no preservatives, artificial flavors colors.

When shopping for cranberry juice, take the time to read the labels on the various offerings. You'll see that many of the cranberry juice products only contain about 30% juice, and more often than not it is a blend of other juices as well. Many cranberry juice products also have artificial sweeteners added, so you'll want to avoid those as well.

It is helpful to dilute pure, 100% cranberry juice

When you first try 100% pure cranberry juice, you may notice that the flavor can be much more bitter than other juices you are used to. If you find it to bitter for your taste, try blending it with apple juice or just plain water.

Also, be aware that you should look for labels and ingredients that state 100% cranberry juice, rather than just 100% juice, as this can be misleading and still refer to a blend of other juices along with cranberry. However, so long as it is a 100% juice with no bad ingredients added, it is still a very healthy drink.

In fact, many studies state that a blend of at least 30% cranberry juice within a 100% juice product will still provide you with many of the vitamins and nutrients found in the health benefits of cranberry juice.

Health benefits of Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice contains:

  • large amount of various natural vitamins and minerals:
  • dietary fiber
  • antioxidants
  • phytochemical nutrients

Important health benefits of cranberry juice include:

  • helps reduce the risks of heart disease
  • helps to reduce the risks of various types of cancer.
  • effective in the treatment of bladder and urinary tract infections
  • useful for the treatment of kidney infections
  • breaks down and prevents kidney stones
  • prevents the formation of oral bacteria can cause gum disease

Health benefits of cranberry juice for seniors

There are many important health benefits of cranberry juice that are helpful for adults over the age of 60 as well.

The vitamins and nutrients in cranberry juice help to inhibit the growth of peptic ulcers, and the high amount of antioxidants help to reduce the risks of heart disease, as well as alleviate many heart disease symptoms. Additionally, many studies show that it is highly effective in reducing the risks cancer and blood diseases.

It is recommended that everyone drink a glass or two a day in order to receive the most health benefits.

Two Easy Methods for How to Dry Cranberries

You can also gain many health benefits from dried cranberries as well, and dried cranberries happen to be great dried raisin alternatives. Dried cranberries will still contain antioxidants and dietary fiber. Additionally, their nutrient content is exactly the same as fresh cranberries.

However, the process of commercial drying might lower the vitamin C and A content of dried cranberries, and the additional sugar often found on packaged brands might lower their nutritional value somewhat. Fortunately, there are two easy methods for how to dry cranberries at home that you can use to keep all of the fruit's benefits intact.

Just be sure to work with only pick firm and ripe cranberries and wash them very thoroughly.

How to dry cranberries Method #1

You will need a food dehydrator for this first method.

  1. Put some water into a saucepan and let it boil.
  2. Once it is boiling, place all of your cranberries into it, so they will blanch. The minute you soak your cranberries into the boiling water, they should begin to pop and their skin should burst. This bursting is important as the cranberries might not dehydrate as needed otherwise. Also, make sure that you keep the cranberries in the water for several minutes, not just a few seconds.
  3. After the skins have split, drain the water out, put the cranberries on dry paper towels, patting them gently to dry.
  4. Put the berries on single layers of dehydrator trays. Make sure the dehydrator is set to 120 degrees, then dehydrate the cranberries until they are quite leathery. Remember: this could take up to a day - depending on the weather - so check on your work every few hours. If there is no dehydrator in your house, do not fret as you can use an oven instead, which is the 2nd method for how to dry cranberries.

How to dry cranberries Method #2

Repeat the steps above up until step 3. Then:

  1. Preheat your oven at 150 Fahrenheit.
  2. Put three paper towel layers on a baking sheet along with some parchment paper onto which the popped cranberries will then be spread.
  3. Put them into the oven at 150 Fahrenheit and wait for eight hours. Your cranberries should be dry by then. Leave them in longer if they are not to your liking.

How to dry cranberries


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