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The Heart

Updated on May 13, 2012

True Heart

Heart and Soul

The Heart is the symbol for love , is also where our soul lives. Heart is used to symbolize love because we feel from the heart and our soul lies hidden deep in our heart. What our heart feel we cannot lie and if our heart feel love , we could feel it beating so fast and erratic. Our true emotion come from our heart and our heart is the center of the human soul and emotion.

Often people would relate love to the heart like i pour out my heart to you and express my love and how i feel it all come from our deepest heart. Naturally matters concerning feeling and love come from the heart. It stores all the loves and emotions you feel for people you love. The Heart has long been recognized as being a symbol for love , happiness , joy and compassion. 

Also an emblem of truth because it wont lie how it feel deep inside. We express our love through how we feel in our heart. Is like a love box that stores all our feelings and emotions. Inside the heart is complicated with many veins that run blood to all parts of our body. Only the heart could be able to handle such complicated things like emotion and love that we feel deep inside and how it transmits out to our love ones. The brain is for thinking and the heart is to feel and is stronger and deeper then the brain.The brain is for rationale thinking and deep thought and the heart is to feel and is more impulsive because sometimes we cant control how we feel if that what our heart tell us.  
Recent studies show that there is some truth that our souls are deeply connected to some part of our organs especially the heart. There are cases where patients had the heart transplant and they feel different after that for instance they never like classical music and after the transplant they find that they love classical music , it has been said that they might have taken the liking from the person who gave them the heart. Our thoughts and habits could change because is no longer our own heart but the heart of another person. Like a new soul entering the body.  

Most often when a person in love would know it because the heart feels and beats so fast they could almost hear it or when they met someone for the first time and feel attracted to the person their heart would also be beating so loud and fast and they know it instantly is love at first sight.Is a natural reaction of human emotion that felt deep in the heart. If we could not feel love in our heart or if we let our heart become harden because of passed hurt or disappointment then our heart would not want to feel and become cold then life would be meaningless without any emotion felt from the heart. Is like a walking corpse without heart and soul to sustain them then it would be like nothing to live for since you cant feel any love in your heart. Our heart would feel so happy when we love and be loved by others. 
Without love in our heart , we would not exist. Same goes for love , without love we die a slow death and life will be miserable. The heart and love are both integrated together . The shaped of the heart is like two persons joining to form a sacred heart to love one another for eternity. 


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