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The Hum

Updated on May 16, 2019

What is that continuous humming, droning, diesel engine like sound that some people can hear and others can't?


Until recently I had only noticed a soft humming sound very occasionally on a quiet night when lying in bed. It was very subtle and didn't cause any persistent annoyance or discomfort. However, just over a year ago, I was listening to some music on YouTube with headphones (something I had done many times before) when 'The Hum' suddenly became a significant problem for me.

I decided I was tired enough to go to sleep, so took off my headphones and switched off the computer. All of a sudden I could hear a very deep humming, vibratory type sound louder than ever before! It was so loud and disturbing that I even struggled to get to sleep for a good hour. The other peculiar thing is that I only really noticed the sound in my left ear/left side of my head.

Ever since that night, the 'Hum' has been a very annoying and disturbing aspect of my everyday life. I think I have only had 2 (maybe 3) very brief occasions where I haven't been able to detect it, giving me such a feeling of peace and relief that it pains me to think I may have to live with this indefinitely.


Some peculiar characteristics of the Hum

1. The Hum can appear to be heard/felt in only one ear/in one side of the head.

2. The Hum can also be felt, like subtle vibrations throughout the body.

3. The Hum can only usually be heard when there is limited noise (though sometimes it can be hard to block it out).

4. I have noticed that it appears to be louder when the weather is overcast with thick cloud cover.

5. Many other people who can hear/feel it have reported physical symptoms including headaches, sleep problems, nausea, fatigue, irritability and high levels of stress in the body, etc..

One thing I will mention here is that approximately one week before the hum became such a noticeable problem for me I experienced a rather intense episode of vertigo. This is something that I had never previously experienced and haven't experienced since. Whether or not this is related to the hum I don't know.

So what is it?

There have been many different speculations as to what actually causes the hum, and it is still largely unknown. Some of the most common ideas are:

- Inner ear problems

- EMF emissions

- Power lines

- Industrial 'noise'


- Chemtrails (some kind of atmospheric occurrence/reaction involving these)

and many more......


Hum Map

People have reported hearing the hum all over the world and the following map shows these various locations. If you hear the hum and would like to contribute to the map you can click on the following link:


My discoveries

Initially my thoughts on what was causing the hum came down to EMF emissions from cell phone towers and noise from electrical power lines. However I was recently living in an area that had no cell phone coverage, in which I also experienced a couple of power outages, and to my dismay the hum was still as loud and persistent as ever.

There are times when the hum is barely noticeable and other times where it is almost impossible to drown out with white noise. I have noticed (as have others) that this can be a seasonal occurrence, where it doesn't appear to be as perceptible in warmer months of the year as oppose to cooler months. This could be due to atmospheric changes, such as thick cloud cover, which may suggest a naturally occurring phenomenon (involving natural energy interactions) in which some people are particularly sensitive. Or it could be a man made circumstance brought about by any number of undertakings resulting in changes to the ionosphere.

However, these are just theories/ideas. How could one ever attempt to know or discover what the cause is when it could be occurring in such a vast array of circumstances and on such an immense scale. It could very well all be occurring within my own head. I think it is important for those who can detect it to share their stories and personal discoveries so that we can gather a greater understanding of commonalities between each other, which will hopefully increase our ability to pinpoint the cause.

Where do you believe the hum is coming from?

Is the hum something that is occurring within your body/head or outside you body/head?

See results

Tell your story!

I would like to hear from you if you are able to detect the hum. Please share as much detail about your experience as possible in the comments below, including how it began for you, what you have discovered since, and what conclusions you have come to in relation to its source.


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