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The Impact of Drug Abuse on Indian Youth

Updated on October 9, 2011

Drugs and Youth

More people are abusing drugs today than in any other time in history, and many of those people are youth.
More people are abusing drugs today than in any other time in history, and many of those people are youth. | Source

Impact of drugs on Youth

The young citizens of this nation constitute the most vital human resource Indian youth has made a mark in all the walks of life education, sports, literature, software, Internet technology, social causes etc. The young mind is fresh and energetic and hence, can contribute towards the growth of a nation in the most effective manner. This energy can be channelized for building the nation and for sustaining her growth.

However, drugs and alcohol have taken the toll of our youth in an adverse manner. Young boys and girls take smack, brown sugar, heroin and other contraband drugs, which are spoiling their lives. Drugs affect the minds permanently. A person, who takes drugs even once, cannot escape from them for life. Further, some young boys and girls take medicines that contain drugs or alcohol. Their parents and teachers are unaware that their children or wards have committed themselves to complete annihilation under the disguise of medical treatment. Some popular dings consumed by the students as drugs are Luminal, Mandrax, Cannabis, E, Heroin and other alcohol-based medicines.

Drugs affect mind and body equally. The young mind stops thinking positively. His body becomes lethargic and he tries to remain under the effect of the drug throughout day and night. His behaviour becomes abnormal and his psyche becomes sick. He resorts to fighting, stealing and his behaviour becomes highly volatile. He becomes a living carcass. The withdrawal symptoms, after the consumption of the drug, are even more dangerous and lead to irritating behaviour among the youth.

Education, productivity and social interaction are also deeply affected. There are economic fallouts as well. Some boys are the only wage earners for their families and they too, fall into the drug net. Some girls, who get caught in this web, lose their academic abilities and even chastity.

Drugs are available in big metropolitan cities. The drug sellers use the youth as peddlers. Once a young person is caught in this intricate and dangerous racket, he can never get out of the same. He becomes a criminal and is watched by the police with suspicious eyes.

The solution for the drug problem lies in the willpower of the young mind. The youth taking the drug should stop taking it and must allocate more time to studies, sports and career-building. After all, it is the mind, which is sick and not the body. The government agencies have initiated many anti-drug programmes. The rehabilitation of the youth after treatment is a must else they would be tempted to resort to their old lifestyles. The State and the youth can join hands for eradicating this menace for our young generation. The family should also adopt a positive attitude. A drugged youth means a drugged nation and sick nations have no future. We must control and eliminate this menace before it overcomes our youth.

Despite all the efforts by police and other law enforcing agencies, drugs are being distributed around the world to the youth. The USA is a haven for drug peddlers despite all the efforts by the American administration for controlling this menace. In India, drugs are smuggled from across the border, through airports, coastal areas and seaports. The customs officials seize record quantities of heroin and other drugs but many consignments escape their watchful eyes. Similarly, drug peddlers transport drugs through international border with Pakistan. It should be noted that opium production in Pakistan and in the border areas of India is a prominent cause of drug manufacture and peddling. When the young persons take drugs for the first time, they enjoy their influence and a sense of comfort.

The usage for a single time leads to drug addiction. The desperate student or young scholar gets the drugs from drug peddlers and organised gangs in all the major and miner cities. The victim takes up odd jobs for earning money so that he could buy drugs. He also resorts to stealing from home or gets involved in minor or major crimes with the help of his classmates or other drug-addicted friends. So, he gets completely involved in the drug net and the ultimate result is either a police lock up (due to a crime) or death (due to excessive or long term consumption of drugs).

If the behaviour of the drug addicted boy or girl is carefully observed by a friend or family member, he or she would find that the victim is shaken, confused, fumbling in speech, lonely and gloomy. He loses his health and is not interested in sports or leisure. He remains confined to his bed and never participates in social activities. He tries to remain secluded in his limited world. If a friend or a family member is able to identify the change in the victim, he or she should immediately talk to the senior members of the family of the victim. If treated early, the drug addiction problem can be completely cured, The state and central governments have established “Drug Rehabilitation Centre” throughout the country. Medical treatments and psychological counseling facilities are also available.

The willpower of the drug addict can pull him out of the darkness of drug addiction. He should admit to his parents or friends that he has starting taking drugs. He can also contact a doctor or a drug rehabilitation centre. The treatment is complicated and costly. The drug addicted boy or girl must be willing to come out of his shell. The family members and friends must extend all cooperation. The police force must also be sympathetic towards these drug victims and must not use coercive methods for extracting information about drug peddlers from the drug addicts, The social organisations and NGOs could play vital roles in this context.

Drug menace is assuming very dangerous proportions. It could spoil the future of nations; It must be eliminated so that the young minds would be saved from the scourge of drug addiction.


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