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The Importance of Vacations for Stress Relief

Updated on September 2, 2016

What Stress Is

Stress is basically doing or feeling that there are things that must be handled and not liking those things.

Stress is hurtful to our health, relationships, performance and ability to learn.

Types of Stress:

Work related: Stress is the pressure of having to deal with unpleasant things in order to preserve a job. Meeting deadlines, dealing with superiors and inferiors when you do not want to are sources of stress. Stress can be anything as simple as dealing with an unpleasant client all the way up to having to lay off employees.

Personal Related: Stress can be part of a relationship or part of family life. From dealing with a sick baby at home to handling financial issues, stress is a major problem for most people who do not know how to deal with it.

The effect of stress on your body: Stress is a leading cause of heart attack and stroke in the United States. Americans complain of stress when complaining of headaches, tense and pulled muscles, involvement in car accidents and more. Stress affects the ability to think clearly, sleep well, maintain a healthy weight and body.


Scheduling a Vacation

I sat there at the desk as he looked at me. This is the actual conversation:

"I can't take a vacation. My team needs me and I am in the middle of an important project right now. You don't understand. I would be letting everyone down if I took any time off from work right now. Talk to me about it again next quarter, okay?" He scratched his head as he looked at me, attempting to back out of the office.

"Tom. You have been in this company for over five years. We are friends on a personal level. I am being blunt with you because I can. Listen to me. You have not taken a vacation in those five years. Your work is becoming very poorly focused and your attitude towards the members of your team is deteriorating. You are going to go on vacation and take your family somewhere. During that time, you will not be allowed to contact the company for any reason. No one from the company will contact you. Your job is not in jeopardy in anyway if you take . "

He looked at me incredulously and said "How long do I have to be gone, and when do I have to leave by?"

We worked out the details and in a month, one of my dearest friends and a fellow manager took a much needed break with himself and his family.

Schedule a vacation. Take the vacation. Your health is important and it should be.


During Your Vacation

During your vacation, coworkers or employees may be tempted to call you for "one little thing".

Make it known to all employees that you are not to be disturbed on your vacation. Delegation is the true mark of a good employer or employee. Making sure that other employees can complete tasks when you are not there means that you are genuinely working as a team. Go through every single problem that typically comes up in a workday and make a simple chart for everyone to have a copy of that explains where problems are directed to. This list should be used for a week before you leave as well. It will get everyone in the habit of better problem solving.

You may be tempted to check in on your email or call in to the office "Just to check on things for a minute". Don't do it. Workers who were interviewed during absences of bosses during a vacation felt grateful if the boss actually remained absent in every way while on vacation, but resentful and un-trusted if the boss continually called in to check in on the progress of the office and of office projects.

Don't give in to the temptation to merely check in on one email or to check on one project. Use the time away from the office to rebuild connections with yourself and your loved ones.


Take Lots of Photos During Your Vacation

Personnel who were allowed to place personal photos on their desk and in their work area of happy times have been shown in many studies to be more productive and more loyal to the company. Place photos of your time on vacation in a place where you can see them and be reminded daily of the good times that you had away from your work.

Make sure that you get a great frame for your photo, and face some of the photos out so that others can see a different side of you as well. Employees surveyed said that they felt a deeper connection with fellow employees and bosses who shared personal aspects of their life with the office.

It also reminds you to get off the work site and go home, which is more important than work.

About Me

I love writing hubs and it was a lot of internal thoughts that went on as I wrote this. It was a good tool for expressing the way that I felt about vacation while working.

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    Dixie 16 months ago from Texas

    Thanks for your warm and welcome comments. They are much appreciated.

  • anoop narayanan profile image

    K.N.Anoop 4 years ago from Kerala

    In our modern life we must chart our vaccation time for the stress relief of mind and body. congrats & thanks for share the ideas.